Awesome Facts 1. Thumbs and subscribe for moar comps!. talant! Fans I By Canton If you' re right handed, you tend to chew food on the right side of your mouth;
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Awesome Facts 1

Thumbs and subscribe for moar comps!

talant! Fans I
By Canton
If you' re right handed, you tend to
chew food on the right side of your
mouth; if you' re left handed you
tend to chew on the left.
Pain signals reach the brain more
slowly than touch signals. That' s why
rubbing things really works!
The only animal that can get a
sunburn, apart from a human is a pig
Vegetarians beware: many and
nosofat yogurts and sweets contain
gelatin, which is made from animal
tendons, ligaments, and bones.
You' d think the crunching would give it
It must be drowned out by the sound of
all those vegetarians patting themselves
on the back for being vegetarians.
Brain cells are the only cells in the
body that do not regenerate.
When they' re gone, they' re gone!
A Dutch gym runs naked workout
sessions, me gush.
Salivating before throwing up is the
bodies way of protecting your teeth
from the high acid levels in vomit.
The USA has the largest air force in the
world with more then 6, 000 aircraft.
Creme Puff the cat lived up to the
ripe old age of " years and 3 days,
that is nearly 350 cat years'.
The longest TV advert was for
Lipton Ice Tea Green and it lasted
for 24 minutes!
In 1976 an LA secretary named
Janeane Swift officially married a
50 pound rock in a ceremony
witnessed by more than 20 people.
Croaking is the art of watching
people eating food, hoping they' ll
offer you some.
When gentlemen in medieval Japan
wished to seal an agreement, they
urinated together, crisscrossing their
streams of piss.
Sound carries so well in the Artie
that on a calm day, a conversation
can be heard from 1. 8 miles away'.
i)? tate
The ancient Egyptians trained baboons
to wait on tables.
The penalty for masturbation in
Indonesia is decapitation.
If the Earth was the size of a golf
ball, the Sun would be the size of
a washing machine.
BURNS " Mans Hill Bill!!!
Mill titlle& . DANE!!!
Vodka is Russian for 'little water'.
Adolf Hitlers mother seriously
considered having an abortion but
was talked out of it by her doctor.
The state of Florida is bigger then
Iguanas have two penises.
Baskin Robbins once made
ketchup flavored ice cream.
Jar; IS THIS **** ?
Thumbs for more! Kztroll
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Submitted: 01/20/2012
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#21 - anonymous (01/21/2012) [-]
Retrieving a memory takes 0.0004 secs...

Unless you are having an exam that is....
#14 - kapurass (01/21/2012) [-]
I want to know which head gets decapitated....
I want to know which head gets decapitated....
#108 - frozentaco (01/21/2012) [-]
America, where women can marry rocks but not other women
User avatar #37 - blargharght (01/21/2012) [-]
vodka isn't little water in russian, it's vodzicka
#88 - anonymous (01/21/2012) [-]
If the earth was the size of a golfball, the sun would be the size of a single story house. **** ! Earth diameter approx 12 800 km. Sun diameter approx 1 400 000 km.
1 400 000 / 12 800 = 110 (approx)
golf ball diameter = 4.3 cm. Therefore if you want to make a comparison with another object it should be about 100 times the diameter. A house is about 4 m high. A washing machine isn't. Go back to school you simple retard. ( also notice I use the vastly superior metric system....). Brain cells also regenerate..... **** !!!
#127 - EpicWinnar (01/21/2012) [-]
Nerve cells dont come back either
User avatar #118 - augginator (01/21/2012) [-]
...Did thisOH PEEreally just imply that yogurt makes a crunching sound?

#115 - endface (01/21/2012) [-]
Comment Picture

User avatar #44 - Loppytaffy ONLINE (01/21/2012) [-]
Lies- Sunburn is common in cats, dogs and alibino animals. And don't tell me they don't get it becasuse there are animals i have to treat for it in the summer months.
User avatar #113 - lampspanker (01/21/2012) [+] (1 reply)
Actually I'm right handed and I almost always chew on my left side...
#111 - anonymous (01/21/2012) [-]
Here's a fact for you:
Most of these are false and you are a thundercunt.
#109 - BlackieChan (01/21/2012) [-]
for the masturbation one<which head gets cut off?
for the masturbation one<which head gets cut off?
#103 - fatfree **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#92 - garrettjacobsen (01/21/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Here's a fact :)    
NO ONE 						*******					 CARES ABOUT THESE.    
If you keep posting this 						****					 I'm going to insane and murder my neighbors.
Here's a fact :)
If you keep posting this **** I'm going to insane and murder my neighbors.
#96 to #92 - greasymonkey **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #74 - kolsinder (01/21/2012) [+] (4 replies)
The vodka one isn't quite true. "Водка" (vodka) means vodka, "водичка" (vodichka) is the diminutive and means "little water"
User avatar #53 - stockyzeus (01/21/2012) [+] (1 reply)
you are a ******* idiot OP. touch does not travel faster than pain signals. they are both activated by the same neurons and travel through the same synapses. they are just processed by the brain differently. that doesn't mean one travels faster than the other.

the reason pain is reduced when we rub a bruise is because the brain gets a clearer idea of where the injury is located. when we touch, our hands give a more accurate idea of the location and that allows the brain to send painkillers to the affected area much quicker.

tl;dr - they travel at same speed. rubbing feels better because brain knows where to send painkillers
User avatar #58 to #53 - iamintofunny (01/21/2012) [-]
They are received by different afferent neuron all around our body.
Touch by meissner corpuscles , pain by free nervous ending at the surface of skin.
Pain have two types of the fibers what they call as Nociceptors, the Αδ myelinated fibers for fast stimulus, and C unmyelinated for slow stimulus.
My reference:

But, the pain comes first from pain. that one is true.
this, is the reference:

What is wrong from whatOH PEEsaid is that "touching it really works!"
The truth is, touching blurs the neurotransmitter for pain, with the neurotransmitter of relieve, A.K.A Serotonin and endorphin.
That is why the pain does not really give you **** .
#45 - anonymous (01/21/2012) [-]
******** ... Most animals can get sunburn, my horses get it in the summer on their noses ;)
#29 - justthisonepost **User deleted account** (01/21/2012) [-]
I bet the 50 pound rock that women married was named tom.
#26 - mdhash (01/21/2012) [-]
>mfw brain cells regenerate
>mfw the human brain contains adult stem cells, when a brain cell dies its immediately replaced
>mfw you're a dumbass
>mfw i have no face
#6 - eddyb (01/20/2012) [-]
Great jobOH PEE
Great jobOH PEE
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