You Spoiled Fucks. I really, really, really hate most of these people. I mean I understand disappointments but holy kids these days can't appreciate anything. I You Spoiled Fucks I really hate most of these people mean understand disappointments but holy kids days can't appreciate anything
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You Spoiled Fucks

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You Spoiled Fucks. I really, really, really hate most of these people. I mean I understand disappointments but holy kids these days can't appreciate anything. I

I really, really, really hate most of these people. I mean I understand disappointments but holy **** kids these days can't appreciate anything. I would say I don't want to live on this planet anymore, but in all honesty I don't want these people to live on this planet anymore.

Anyone got badass pics of farnsworth from futurama? Preferably with guns? We can make a new pop culture reference here

Anyway thumb up if you liked or agree with me that i don't want these people to live on this planet anymore

I' m w Beale's of everyons with the white lehane and I have this ugly
ens I
hymen hendren
Lean Bernard p. 21 Dee
Other then getting a ca me re and a lead this Christmas sue ks.
Retweeted hymn hendren
Gretchen Iill' sanura .r" hes min
I didn' t get an livens faek Christmas I' m seriously w pissed
hymn hendren
Mather Mature »- Eh
faek Christmas mayne my heather got an iphone and I got a map of
Retweeted hymen hendren
Zachary Bell ". Eh
No livens. hate my dad. B months m get it fue king eunt
hymn hendren
Paul Hayes In
No aphone. I hate my dad.
Retweeted hymn hendren
fuck mu we met want the iphone.
hymn hendren
F-‘ sequel . L In Reply " Retweet A Faverite . Open
I An whens, yeah fuck mu mem
by Jen hendren
has : i..: seango, masterb Eh
My parents are the worst mother Fucking parents in the were faek
mu mom and dad for not getting me a Iphone. FUCK YOU. FML.
hymn hendren
meals thaadd) . 13 Th
returning my kindle fire and getting an aphone... this is bullshit.
hymn hendren
Jake paused j.
Fucking hate that kindle bullshat. Returning and getting and Fad.
Most definately.
hymn hendren
hem West Long Branch, Nd
Meals intime... in Reply " Fewest A . Open
sslp.... didn' t get a car. net trying m seend greed's haht.. damn..
hymn hendren
yen: naerme rairty_ moriarty Eh
Just wise fer like 2 hrs straight wuss ddidn' t get a car. r.
Retweeted hymn hendren
l? f rem Wahwah, Nd
Lydia Flasks " -.-Lindy Chanel an
was ithe anly person whe didn' t get an mad? i mean met a ear but
thats a different new all together :/
hymn hendren
Andrew 1: and. renew
am lthe wry ens whe didn' t get and aphone
hymn hendren
Kayne Hawk ...
I Am lthe anly ens who didn' t get an lehane fer Christmas .. '?
hymn hendren
Daley Arthur J. Daisys an
Am I the only ens who didn' t get an lehane er a ear? Dang.
Retweeted hymn hendren
w mad I want to cry " I didn' t want anither fucking blackberry
fer Christmas I wanted a pair of means
Retweeted hymn hendren
Masha Legan Th
I keep dropping my baby 1 & I lust be like we how die that happen...
hymn hendren
Julia Eaters -"
I keep yelling WHERE' S MY IPAD at the most inconvenient
times... thank they' ll get the point??
Retweeted hymn hendren
My sister has just killed ma mod we shes got a white ens. And lye
get a ens "-'soetimes and hers is a we bit better
hymn hendren
Him allies .'..r. Samstag dsf Eh
I want the white white laed Instead tat the D:
Retweeted hymn hendren
Bernard .Usernam Wolf
yeah she was saying she was going m upgrade my
lehane 4 inte a white ens hut she elem w its ‘
Bernard -Bernard Well Eh
my mom only got me a diamond earrings. em
future lacked. Elle. my mem get a Heist. heather got a lamp. She
dlsite ms...
hymn hendren
In reply to dares.
Sarah Healer all I Th
I hate how my mom has m ruin Christmas by getting stupid
gifts.. where the hell is the livens I asked fer?! !
In hymn hendren
David LUKE ‘Mel LON den
I' m fucking pissed where is the gee damn mad I asked fer!!!
hymn hendren
Listed Mod Eh
Still didn' t get my ear 1 but I did get a Mahdeek We lap top
hymn hendren
Lauren . Eh
Am I the only we whe didn' t get an iphone or a car fer Christmas?
hymn hendren
was Trap Star Eh
Kinda pissed I didn' t get the [phoned but I got the [pod touch? :/
gene Christmas anyway
hymn hendren
Merry Christmas!" It deosn' t syin feel like it. My mem didn' t get me
me iphone fer was smh.
Retweeted hymn hendren
Heels younes ".'"
Seems like I' m the anly we whe didn' t get an aphone fer Christmas
hymn hendren
Matthew Humphreys :
Didn' t get an Fad fer the secend year in a row. I' m never
eels Christmas again
Retweeted hymn hendren
Eat! " -In Reply " A Faverite ' Open
Didn' t get my damn livens Gauss I need ts "pay fer it myself." Oh
well at least I have a phone now. 'sigh
Retweeted hymn hendren
Matty Gale "-/ finalist an
Retweeted hymn hendren
iipo- C. Th
was supposed to get a ear.. l elem get a ear.. yup
Retweeted hymn hendren
Rachel Ame slams Th
yay for Christmas. but ear a "'
hymn hendren
Didn' t get my ear w not feeling Christmas "L"
hymn hendren
Pawn Henry ' an
Kind of upset I didn' t get a ear
hymn hendren
Samantha opener f. tramantha reel Eh
Pissed I didn' t get a car. 1 oh well merrie Christmas !
Retweeted hymn hendren
Peggy Sue I "f: Th
Well didn' t get a ear so eff this Christmas...
hymn hendren
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#6 - thablonde
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(01/20/2012) [-]
My brother who is a Lamar Smith and wanted a car for christmas told my dad that it HAD to be a chick magnet or he'd never talk to him again. The picture is my brother's new car, dad totally delivered.
#5 - anon id: b8b678d5
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(01/20/2012) [-]
Wow I no longer feel guilty for being pissed about getting literally NOTHING from my mother when all I asked for was PandoraOne...
User avatar #4 - azyzil
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(01/20/2012) [-]
IDD...Once in show some kid cried because he got a brand new fking lexus...

I wish. I wish if those spoiled kids parents would just get a bankruptcy
and they should make tv show of those spoiled kids then whining...
#2 - spiderfart
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(01/20/2012) [-]
User avatar #1 - megatrollinator
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(01/20/2012) [-]
Rev up that retoast.