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User avatar #10 - BBQpigeon (01/12/2012) [-]
The worst is when you take the string out of the pack and it whips you in the face :/
User avatar #41 to #10 - injerseyforever (01/13/2012) [-]
That reminds me of the scene from The Haunted where the violin string breaks and whips the girl in the face...
User avatar #13 to #10 - atomicberserker (01/13/2012) [-]
Or when you manage to snap a low E string at a guitar shop.
User avatar #18 to #13 - millenia (01/13/2012) [-]
Low E string of a bass. o___o

That **** could do serious damage!
User avatar #11 to #10 - kawaabung (01/13/2012) [-]
I know what you feel bro
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