Omeglecident. whoops, i saw the page fill up with likes, and i got excited, then the video finished buffering and i was just confused.. tit Purdue DIME Annot- "
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whoops, i saw the page fill up with likes, and i got excited, then the video finished buffering and i was just confused.

tit Purdue DIME Annot- "ljs? , C) _ adbe_ tit Purdue : MLA F, C) bioterrorism popula
tti) omegle Talk to strangers?? , 9 1 oi I
Galaxy, RATATAT, screaming at Random People as You Drive By, .e.
Dougie, Orabrush, The Pixies, Walt, Beirut, The Legend of Zelda,
Not Being In school, That Was a While Ago, Thunder Power,
Ruckus Modern Life, Burger, Little Red, Proud To Be
Black, Octopus Project, I will name my Son Batman ofthis page
gets to sumac, I Am x Ray, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Coldplay,
Weekend, Dave , Jack Johnson, Figurines, Pokity,
Benny at Jun, Benny Benassi, Roi: Denbleyker, Trampolines,
ritzrules, Plain White T' s, Kablamo, Chairlift, Glow sticks, Tim and
Eric Awesome Show, Great Joint, Flipping the Pillow Over to Get
to the Cold Side, Mindless Belt Indulgence, The Ramones,
Snowboarding, Orange Clubbers, Justice, Badly Drawn Boy,
Academy of Art University, Minecraft, Beastie Boys, trampolines,
Proteus Apparel, Mum, The Atom Age, Gregory and the Hawk,
Junkie XL, Peach Rings, Staying Up Late, Things, Peter Bjorn and
John, I Love Lucy, Sunrise Senior Living, ‘rowing, Utopia,
Raleigh , Bruno, The Internet, Alex Metric, Writer" s
Cramp, Cookies, California, Videogames, Billy Joel, Pushing
Daisies, Adventure Time, The Octopus Project, Watching TV, I' m
Not Too Picky About Movies, Gamecenter, Susan Boyle, Thats All
I Can Think of Right Now, Captain Jack' s Stronghold Restaurant,
Books of Adam, Fleet Foxes, Junior Senior, Backstreet Boys,
Converse, Jeremy Silverman, , , Acid Girls, and A
High Contrast. w'
whoops, looks like i ran into
Disconnect myself Send
for options.
Q T 'showily
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Submitted: 01/11/2012
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#1 - babelfisch (01/11/2012) [-]
**babelfisch rolled a random image posted in comment #143 at Merry Fucking Christmas. ** "You have facebook?!"
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