The true GTA: SA. I just wanted to show you how fun GTA San Andreas can really be... This is my first post, so take that as you will.. No mods for the good ol' ps2 version :( gta SA epic Truth San Andreas
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#1 - Vahx
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(04/01/2010) [-]
aliens by cheat code or are they really just somewhere on the map?
User avatar #2 to #1 - DanDMan [OP]
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(04/01/2010) [-]
These are all mods made by people who are infinitely more talented than me. Look into "SAMI" (san andreas mod installer) for cars, and "CLEO3" for the more crazy stuff (aliens)... You have no idea what people can do with this game
#4 - TenaciousThomas
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(06/02/2010) [-]
No mods for the good ol' ps2 version :(
#3 - anon id: 08f085b6
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(04/01/2010) [-]
Damn an MG on an airplane? Unstoppable...