i dont want to live on this planet.. 100% OC, people.. it Fallin, . rs... Answer if fritzl!! rancid Search Home a All Categories a Family & Relationships a Frie Futurama dont want to Live on this planet Anymore douche Yahoo Answers
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i dont want to live on this planet.

it Fallin, . rs... Answer if fritzl!!
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Hello Danny
Open Shak me andthe, 3: You have 523
Can you all just STOP INTERFERING with people '.T -.'
Me and my friends have all been planning to set up these two guys who really hate
each other to fight for so long. Then we finally got them in the same party and in the
same room. the had a baseball bat and was about to bash the other guys head in. it
couldn' t get any betterthan this.
Then some stupid girls went in between them and held them back from each other.
Our entertainment tonight was stoling ,
Exch sine short on reveals the .
secret of how to learn any language l
in inst " days!
PI" Approach
i. ';rs' r.‘ i who want to fight each other'?
Shocking discovery by Cambridge
Researchers for amazing joint
When will you retards learn that when two people want. to hurt each other, then LET
THEM DO Tell it' s better that things get settled as soon as possible than never at are
The more serious the injuries, the more it' s worth ital q _
Vera Beach :1 weird muscle
i am pissed owl! we could have seen someone at the ER tonight, and we could building trick , by
have seen another guy go to prison what the hell is wrong with this stupid peace eeit', , l' it, ,
loving, hippy society???
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we rainy it
It Friend s
Marri. age it mores
if thats your idea of entertainment then you are a sick 'r'"", kid. and because we dent . Other - Fianlly 3, Relationships
want to see fights meant mean we are a peace loving, hippy society. we don' t like . [
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Submitted: 01/08/2012
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#1 - stratigist (01/08/2012) [+] (1 reply)
well i guess there is only one way to solve that problem

#2 - kurokoda (01/08/2012) [+] (2 replies)
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