Sexual harassment? Opinions please. I lol'd from the responses I got. I cried.. Your DEER causation Show me another no u Is this sexual harassment? Kevin While  sexual Harassment Yahoo Answers daddy issues
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Sexual harassment? Opinions please

I lol'd from the responses I got. I cried.

Your DEER causation Show me another no
u Is this sexual harassment?
Kevin While at a bowling match the other day I noticed a dime piece walk by me. She was
Gatt talking with some of my home boys. I knew she was talking to one of my neegus sol
had to pull the robbery on him. I went up to her and said "hey baby" She said hello
back so I proceeded to ask "Have you ever had your asshole licked by a fat guy?" She
told me no as I expected her to so I then replied with "Want that to change?" She
again told me no and things got awkward. Was that wrong of me to do?
Another instance
I plan to walk down the halls of my school with my wingwoman around my arm and
when we pass a good enough looking girl [preferably one that we a perfect IO, has
low self esteem and has daddy issues) and say "Hey we were going to have a 3 way
but needed an extra person- Are you down?"
Is this not the best way to pick up chicks?
4 minutes ago - it days left to answer.
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Nam. I tion' t think you' ll get a girl like that.
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arkrii.. tro
hahahahahaha, sorry dude but being a player is the worst way to pick up chicks
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Yes that is harrasment_ Why the ***** would you even ask girls that 'r'"""? No one & I
mean no one is going to say yes to that __ Picking on girls with low self esteem is so
bad. You are a terrible person I
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Submitted: 01/05/2012
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#1 - MetalBLADEZERO (01/05/2012) [-]
True story bro
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