Strange Facts Comp 2 (Part 4 in Desc). Part 4 - /funny_pictures/3124663/Strange+Facts+Compilation+Four Part 2 everybody, love you guys for how well part one did Strange Facts Comp 2 (Part 4 in Desc) Part - /funny_pictures/3124663/Strange+Facts+Compilation+Four everybody love you guys for how well part one did
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Strange Facts Comp 2 (Part 4 in Desc)

All man ; tho stage name of
enigma had horns murkica!! y
rachet to his head.
Someone' s a bit horny
is tho scientific word
for picking your nose,
There is enough iron in a human body
make, a mi!
How the fuck
Most of the "dust" in your house is rea!! y
iust dead skin cells.
I should probably stop eating that
Your intestines are abour 4 times your
The infection "thrush" causes a white,
hairy fungus to grow on tho congue.
We need some blacks in their to pick that cotton
The skin of an adult kid our flat tho
tayy wild cover am? lia square textt
Who the fuck does that?
The !ingest ‘tapeworm e\ newfound
inside a human was around 108 textt
HI ever have a kid, I' ll name him Bread. 50 when people
ask how my kid is I can reply with "Oh, Bread is just
oaring around."
You can gm roundworm by eading
food contaminated ,
I hope to God that, for Bear Grylls sake, you can' t get it from
Syphilis caused a Danish astronomer' s
nose, to tall. off.
And Michael Jackson' s
Your hat and nds daft rea!! y grow
aim death, your body iust dries up
and shrinks, makes it as so.
fuckn' necrophiliacs
Babies are born vi/ ithout
Babies are also the best adventurers.
Maw w 'lass/ samehada-
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