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The REAL reason why...

100% True, I studied History of Ukraine at Bristol University.

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Why are there [iri'
fat stickman?
Well I guess I should we why.
It all started in Ukraine. the natural habitat ofthe stickman. where they have lived happily. hand in hand. fat and skinny. no
They were . much like we er me. That is until the horrible events of 1336. a Russian. named Dimitri .
decided to make his name in Ukraine as an entrepreneur his invention was the pegs stick. In ) he had made a very
successful business selling pegs sticks. He was SC) successful in fact. that he became a politician
As a politician he promoted a healthy lifestyle. testicular cancer awareness and. of course. pegs sticks. The public him!
He was mere Jesus at this point So he decided that it vould be the right time for him to forthe Presidency of
He messed through the polls. gaining 90% ofthe public' s Votes.
In 1335. he was made President of Ukraine. his first change to the country was to make Ukraine a dictatorship country Him being the dictater.
As a dictater. he could do whatever he wanted. and this is when his darkslide was unleashed. He had a hatred forthe native stickman But he coulda/ t wipe out the entire
stickman population! That weild have crazy! So he decided he weild wipe out the overweight stickman population. and saywhat he is promoting a healthy for
the population
He sent them to "Training Camps" but they weren' t nermal training camps These training camps were ! The moment they weild derpthrough the
were trapped. Nobody escaped. They Would then walk single file into what freethought was their . But they were not. They were actually a reem. with
no winders. its beds just full of knives and forks
At first they weild not understand whythe have the cutlery but as days past they understood. They had to sat eachother! And they did. Until ens was left. and then
the deer unlocked then he opened the deer . got en the her. AND EVERYBOY) JWALKER) THE L) INC) .
HT - ccampincarl
ti', i) Alright. I believe this guy.
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User avatar #1 - carnerox (01/03/2012) [-]
It's so believable, but it's sad to read what happened to this poor en and women. Glad the last one got to walk the walk of the dinosaurs.
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