How will you die 2.0. I had fun making this and people seemed to enjoy the first one. <br /> If you like, post your own idea of a way to die and if this g How die list game fun doom
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How will you die 2.0

How will you die 2.0. I had fun making this and people seemed to enjoy the first one. <br /> If you like, post your own idea of a way to die and if this g

I had fun making this and people seemed to enjoy the first one. <br />
If you like, post your own idea of a way to die and if this gets to the front page I'll make another one and include your ideas regardless of how stupid they are.

It' s real easy, all you do is type *roll 2* and refer
to the list. If you enjoyed, you know how to show it.
00. Surmise! You live! ...
01. Eaten by radioactive mutant weasel people.
02. Naming the warthog.
03. Too much sex.
04. Struck by lightning.
05. Pedabear.
M. Death by beard.
97. Eaten by hungry sheep.
Arms magically replaced by angry Wolverines.
Reverse diarrhea.
IO, Drown in lime Jellow.
11. Badger in the butt.
12. Not being death proof.
13. *RNI again twice and combine results.*
15. By reading number 53.
15. Licking an oversized nine volt battery.
17. Ever seen the movie "The Rock"? Yeah, that happens to you.
18. Listening to your grandmother talk about sexual relationships.
19. In a snake swallowing contest.
20. Epic beard guy gets on your bus.
21. The Amberlamps deesu‘ t arrive in time.
22. Failed saving throw.
23. An accident involving a 6 feet unmasking tare, a spark. anden
Appley computer.
24. Realizing that you actually do not know kung tn.
25. Ripped to pieces by A Flock of Seagulls (the band. their hair, widths birds).
25. Genitals stuck in a meat grinder.
27. Potato famine.
28. Writing your own Death Note.
29. Cracking open an egg and finding a fully formed chicken, cooking and
eating it anyway, and then choking on its bones... then findng out theate
actually scales.
30. Being a and contracting AIDS.
31. Trying to get to Narnia by walking through your closet only to get locked in
and starve to death.
32. mishap.
33. Having sex with a walrus.
34. Nazi death rape machine.
35. Successfully dividing by zero.
35. 36 hours .
38. sodomized and eaten by .
39. An erection lasting longer than four hours.
40. Consumed by a Hollow.
41. Trampled by fluffy kittens.
42. signing up for Battle Royale.
43. 13 eing attacked by Lisa Nowai, the astronaut who attempted to kill another
astronaut by driving from Texas to Florida white wearing adult diapers.
Soviet Russia, food eats you!
4 5. super AIDS.
45. The way Maccabeus.
47. Jumped into a volcano. on purpose.
48. The way of Franz . m ONUS!* This one comes with a video!
49. sodomized with a cactus.
50. Death by dying.
51. Death by .
52. Being raped and decapitated by a teddy bear with a thirst for blood and man
53. By reading number 15.
54. Being raped bya furry.
55. Paper cut inflicted by giant paper.
55. shoving a pickle jar up your ass and it beaks while being over
the internet.
57. severing. cooking. and eating your own penis. ‘ladies roll again!"
5 8. candie fish.
59. n' newone overdose.
60. Holding in a fart.
til, Drowning in your own vomit.
52. Drowning in someone else' s vomit.
54. Staring too long at blue waffle.
55. Admin deems you unworthy ofline.
58. Improper use on Bag of Holding.
TO. Trying to figure out number 59.
71. Figuring out number 59.
72. 24 hours of caramelldansen.
73. The Game.
74. Attacked by a .
75. Too much Pokemon.
75. Disobeying alchemy‘: first law of equivalent exchange.
i DC Us
an epic duel for honor and glory.
79. Rapidly a train.
80. Raped by a nanny.
81. "Hi, this is Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC. Why daft you have a seat..."
82. lil a gangbang with Hilary clinton. Sarah Palm. and Opal}.
83. unwrapped like a candy bar by the Jolly Green Giant.
84. Whale penis.
85. Being a Pokemon and en] crying life until that one guy who wants to be a
pokemon comes by and turns you into a suit.
85. to death.
88. lil exactly 6 minutes and 23 seconds alter reading this.
89. squashed and eaten by a fat woman.
90. Come to find out you‘ allergic to living. Sony.
91. Kicked into an inexplicably deep hole. . SPARTA! !!
92. You order a state of the art robot sex slave from Japan. It arrives perfect and
according to all your specifications. However, due to a clerical error, the
robot was programmed to remove the flesh many living thing within 2 miles
and then process it into jerky. Have a nice night!
93. Gary Busey pulls your endocrine system out of your body.
94. Eaten by Death Bed, the bed that eats.
95. Wake up as a vampire, realizing that you sparkle, and then killing yourself
out of shame.
97. antressor Plum. in the library. with the .
98. Being tolded use Selfdestruct... It' s not very effective.
99. Being gummed to death by 47 elderly people. smells like moth balls.
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