What have you been taught?. I've seen 2 so far. Curious to see if anyone else makes one. I enjoyed making it. Sorry if it's too small you're probably going have what Have You been taught memories Xbox
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What have you been taught?

What have you been taught?. I've seen 2 so far. Curious to see if anyone else makes one. I enjoyed making it. Sorry if it's too small you're probably going have

I've seen 2 so far. Curious to see if anyone else makes one. I enjoyed making it. Sorry if it's too small you're probably going have to enlarge. Thanks.
Also thanks to this guy...
...for giving me the idea. I also need to stop updating. These multiplication security things are a bitch while high.

Well, by Flaw you have all Seen the Drag tyn ball Z Spree people come into and quickie ye. Same stay for awhile
at have you been ta ht?". I recently Saw and tenure footprints on our hearts. And we are never; ever the same.
another we en a bunch of older video games. I
decided to make my “W” What have I learned?
You, my friend, have
taught me so much. But
most importantly, one
man can truely make a
difference in the
Lego Star Wars?
Haven' t seen you in a
while buddy. But I must
say, you really showed
me how the simpler
things in life could
sometimes be the
Assassins Creed...
I learned that I have to
be the change that I
want to see in the
I" eru' been there for
me for as long as I can
remember. You have
taught me thatl
need to be careful
I Ifhe I trust and that
my true friends are
the vanes who have
been there since the
Call of Duty?
Well, Bioshock, we meet
again. You sure did
remind me that I' m still
afraid of the dark. But
you also taught me how
to forget my fears and
jump into it head first
with no regrets and for
that, I thank you.
Red Dead Redemption...
What a journey we had
together. You taught me
how anyone, and I mean
anyone, can turn their
life around and be what
ever they want to be.
But in the end, these are all just games. They
come and go. I admite learned a lat from
them, but they would be nething without
you. We' been threw thick and thin.
r' ' seen me in my darkest moments and
my brightest moments and everything in
between. I still remember the smile en my
face when I opened you up en Christmas.
r' ' changed a lat since we met. "r' '
broken discs, frozen when I needed you the
mast, but I forgave you. And I always will.
Because no matter what happens between
us, no ene else has been with me from the
beginning like you. "r' ' been with me
when ene else was. The times when my
friends left me and I cerld come to you and A one who
you weild make me forget it all .......... .. walks in when the rest of
Thankyou. the warm walks out.
Walter Winchell
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User avatar #1 - xxkillionarexx (01/03/2012) [-]
Red Dead Redemption gave me the saddest death in a video game
#10 - Kejko (01/04/2012) [-]
You sir get a pinkie for this! Nice OC!
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#11 - daniboyi ONLINE (01/18/2012) [-]
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I learned most from MD2, but not the same as you. I learned that the world is cruel, evil and most of the people on the earth don't care for each other. That we are ignorant and only follows what we have been told. We look at our daily life, our peace brought by the people who defends us and fight for us, but not giving them a single thought. And it's not only the people who defends us. Take for example the reaction of a man that has just went through a surgery that saved his life from sure death and what is his first words? "Thank god!" Would be the most cases. Nothing is said to the doctor who saved his life and he still does it without any expectations of being thanked for what he did. That is the true hero in my eyes.
General Shephard "30 years ago, I lost 30.000 men in a blink of an eye. And the whole world just ******* watched" That is what that game had taught me.
#8 - wavedog (01/03/2012) [+] (1 reply)
a long time ago i made an account only to comment on a really bad FJ trend (i said id only use if for that and never log on again). but if i hadnt made one for that reason, i certainly would have made one to comment on your "what have you learned" content. idk if its OC or not (probably not), but if you feel the same way about its content as i do, then i consider you my brother. i was extremely touched by the comment (not trying to sound like an emotional girl or anything), but its very nice to see someone enjoy video games as much as i do. seriously, it brought a tear to my eye, you have my sincere thanks for the feels that it inspired
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