Gamers. What gamer are you?. GRRL GAMER any hit on me any buys tunnel "t Despised an Dannie Rec Gamers my an emu» passion only they can . sums mam an even may u
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What gamer are you?

Tags: Gamers
any hit on me any buys tunnel "t
Despised an Dannie Rec Gamers my an emu»
passion only they can .
sums mam an even may use an sen
than .
Is an attentive whom met any plays games she
thinks my get nay the most praise.
g. , any lads my
Honesty Mime: based gaming mamas
just as much my as helped( sniper we hum mass
Na , Mn ins. Fat. has my parents En:
many plays weas and mean MMO' s,
any occaisionally branches mil.
Aqua: his shiny an My
Plays wow obsessively. manna .
Pass on M about my no we will my may
wow Honestly believes people we a any
Bulimia: lawman skill.
Makes my an my having no ma. my my.
If a nanny. me warfag we beaming a mus
Own! a we and a Xbax or PSA thattguyy rm lungs!
obsessed my h at chain: my a
may of advanced famlily. own: one consult.
you much of In lo my become
an enough in campus In .
Engages m causal: was and (aims than seriously
Trhead by mam 2417, may deny. and awn pm
swam buys we we latest _ shaman,
shiny FPS, or mans"
emu Emu emu Emu sum BRAH BRAH
BRAH BRA" emu am am Emu am
Fumes and gums: ax sums ma. Shams everything
we acting like a may deuchbag.
In the 13:: may he IN
no Irwin rinse my
Ussually used my be a . Gave up any
meted down In skin we in Rim a mass.
Moudly obese, was In baseman, masons by a
mains! we is In denial oi her sons .
Plays Emulators, WRPG' s, JRPG' s and pus. Has
multiple we Games may to
anus. says, sleeps, and names In that . .7.
my he racily meals
As may any as may came.
Na Gum: -ivyd. EVER Has a -wen
Love/ Hate/ RAGE with Gum Gamay"
Ussally assalted wary minus may new .
Ammo. not). Magic he Gattling, are as
Focally new us may
Poem's In play outplays Arthur PC Games my
was the self 2: to become yuan enaugh to an
Tamed by may we in his New sums,
wins a we and diner an or my
Engages in console was
nuns was sway my PAID own: new
new no menus DUN’ was
spend: mom mm on M mun actual gain '
Mays TFA and Insults was by caning
many casual; How this Ironic came In be is
anyone! was
may is was -my my speak on
Games on we and maybe a may mania or my
yam a liking to ma PSP.
he infamy oi mm he was may -
in we In in may platos by wanna in
games and rams.
Frequently defends h p may try ch
making a copy not stealing.
Adopts M my
Dawns seam pleasure than bearing weaker
gamers VT ways. He ya the Terrorist hrm
cs that was was you try on defuse any bomb and
min kave! WU in (ht buck at the Inst second.
Same gamma issues as skin.
pa gamer/ new f . was an may
naming platforms as may any lately says them.
shoves in pews Mses when he wins. Mans
snide remarks on M. may
Prefers says» may . Fortress Foever aver
Dewy aw muses and ‘ ags. Annoyed
M the can that they as nay recognize skill.
Nat restricted by
Semis on my and Mes We wan.
ms an men.
Does not know about M or yams We "casualty"
Players games that do my require much seams of
Minimal mum use a pins
Nay restricted by . but mien Inmate.
my Vanda by mummies.
Has a We amide of Vida: games
Rarely n my was in my
Anonme games can my Md be yucky much
awning. may tends to scurry manna casual games
such as new car TFA.
any was muscles mam the my
If also a , may mm owns a ham: -m up
and e memery may landed my emulator: tor alder
is displeased Mm how naming has bacon: we
and essay. Mme“ me nan
back In the may we
Dumas Bro Garner with a seam.
Assuredly age 21 - Male yeomen n! Rec Gamer
Mina when pinyin; may
menus. Dues not shave n In purples faces when may
my. Plays my much everything may spans games.
Very skyland at genes, any any any plays my tum
and enough in awe a challenge.
Must my warts In Game l an
passably many . Pirates then buys.

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#7 - DFEdogface **User deleted account** (05/29/2010) [-]
Awsome love this list explanes alot. Progamer
#5 - BitchUWannaHate **User deleted account** (03/30/2010) [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #4 - Wakko ONLINE (03/30/2010) [-]
Apperantly I'm a Rec Gamer as well :D
#3 - Spyder **User deleted account** (03/30/2010) [-]
though I did lol, I disagree
I'm a casual gamer(going off your chart I'm REC, but normally refer to myself as casual) but I'm not skill-less. I can do my fair share of kick-ass-ness, even though I don't play often, and don't even get games till they're available used (usually). I know Ima get **** for this, but I feel casual is the same as this states RECs are, and gamer-illiterates should take their place.

you say casual fags, when you don't understand what a casual gamer is. I think you (or whoever made this) just needed a name
they're new-fags, not casualfags

You get the thumbs up for the lol, even if I disagree with you
#2 - nerdsrule **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #1 - kinkymuffinkitty (03/30/2010) [-]
rec gamer!
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