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#18 - soccerfreakaalborg (12/24/2011) [-]
Yeah.. Not exactly the same, but it turned out ok I guess xD Merry Christmas FunnyJunk!
User avatar #41 to #18 - fearchen (12/24/2011) [-]
Maximum picture quality. Hope you get a new camera for christmas :D
#229 to #41 - soccerfreakaalborg (12/24/2011) [-]
Yeah I know, it sucks. Was taken with my webcam. Don't really have that much skills, but I thought, that I would give it a try.
#37 to #18 - PartyPanda (12/24/2011) [-]
New friends :}
#28 to #18 - anonymous (12/24/2011) [-]
not bad but next time u may want to blank out the url
#232 to #28 - soccerfreakaalborg (12/24/2011) [-]
Haha, forgot about that. But doesn't matter, don't care if people find me on Facebook, they have to be friends with me to see more than just the profile picture and name.
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