Burning my sisters twilight. Part 2! /funny_pictures/310625/Burning+my+sisters+twilight+part+2/<br /> READ ALL BEFORE COMMENTING (INFO+BACKSTORY)<br /& Burning my sisters twilight Part 2! /funny_pictures/310625/Burning+my+sisters+twilight+part+2/<br /> READ ALL BEFORE COMMENTING (INFO+BACKSTORY)<br /&
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Burning my sisters twilight

Burning my sisters twilight. Part 2! /funny_pictures/310625/Burning+my+sisters+twilight+part+2/<br /> READ ALL BEFORE COMMENTING (INFO+BACKSTORY)<br /&

Part 2! /funny_pictures/310625/Burning+my+sisters+twilight+part+2/<br />
*if i take a picture of a burned book at the end, does it prove the story? No. Its proves someone burned a book.<br />
Just showed her this, she flipped out and wants me to delete it before anyone else sees, **** her XD if you like it thumb it i hope this gets somewhere near the top so i can show her how many people laughed haha<br />
EDIT: Front page! Thankyou airguitar and everyone who thumbs!! At 23 hours i will show her, feel free to leave her a message in the comments;)<br />
EDIT 2:She just saw it, started crying again. Over 23.000 of you have seen this, and when she saw it got to number 3, the face, o god the face. I love you all. By the way i did this because she cheated on my best friend, i wasn't on a random twilight hate spree. Thankyou FunnyJunk community. You have made my 19th birthday extra special

After seeing airguitars' microwave series, I decided m fry my
sisters copy of twilight, and the following ensued. I had the
book and camera ready, I placed it in the microwave, closed
the deer, and set the timer, ready m take photos and film it
being consumed in fagpire, when my sister walked in. "H
what' s that yeu...? What are yeu doing with that?! NO DE)!"
She punched me in the throat and I hit the flo er (fuck yen
the bitch is a kick boxer. But Tm a black belt) I swiftly kicked
her legs em and she fell down, but starts m get back up. I
jumped up and made a dash for the microwave, I made it
and smashed my fist inte the start butten. So new all We get
to is step her from turning it off. The whore grabs a
fucking whisk, we heard me. She throws it, I did a true
fucking nee dodge and it smashed inte her favorite mug. I
know. Then my broth er walks in. "What the fuck is going en
in here?!" I paint to the fireball in the microwave, "The only
way m destroy a fag; tear him tn pieces and burn him" He
smiles a huge fucking Jack Nich Olsen smile, we both grab my
Ester and make her watch it burn. After its finished, she
runs of crying tn her reem or wherever, I op med the
microwave m find ene pathetic piece of book cover left: We
cut it inte small pieces and sprinkled it inte her favorite
cereal. The next merning she wouldn’ t say a werd, she just
sat there glaring at me and my broth er, taking the time
slowly chew every mouth full of her cereal.
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