MS Paint Hella Funtime Adventure Friends. Posted on 4chan thought it was interesting Post your team in the comments and why Personally I would pick Cantelo &amp
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MS Paint Hella Funtime Adventure Friends

Posted on 4chan thought it was interesting
Post your team in the comments and why
Personally I would pick Cantelo & Cactus Juan bros for life

also yes this is a repost thumb down if you must

Stranded on a remote island in the middle of nowhere, you must survive for four years before you can return
to your own world. You can bring one knapsack worth of supplies.. ...and two (2) Hella Funtime Friends!
You won' t be alone, however.. others stranded on this island have brought their own companions!
Will you make alliances? Will you make enemies? Will you die a horrible death?
No matter what happens... hella funtime adventures await you!
Binky Mildred Bones
Extreamely loyal, mil follow most orders
Extremely strong, can easaly move boulders use male to make any toes Dram explode
Not very bight, easy to manipulate can use mama to compile tyronne load and water -Wren k) lexi, t teammates my 24 hours
we depth -Doesnt We you -Pakist, mil not harm any Mug Dem;
Mr. Pepper Gilligan
Capt magically compile We whenever needed .
Can obstacles and eutimes -constant source of #ght Hell Rider
Dies , exposed to water -Adduces a plate of 40 onexd plexiglas every 24 hours
you can request when , tn advance) -Extreamely fast and while mtg horse
Des , t goes 10 minutes wthout water mile horse ever stops t explodes
Womba Womba Candels Murray
f d l d f d , -) y appears Mme you are sleeping
Colr, b":,: g“ S" e en you rom ally cannot speak but can understand what you say "Calls anytihng that mes to attack you m your sleep
Does not Speak - loyal Wm perform any task (lilchodes
sums We a statue every Sunday sacrfice tser to cure any desease ( leaves Wes or mystery meat for you
wee hat
Coil Balaclava
y Rolf
Era's all depressing thoughts
Corrose We can met through stone can be used as the we comfortable New m an s one ser odered console and three calves or
can create complex underground tunnels existence ', p g
Tanks you smell Noe and wants to Mk you -Preps ma, , mmlp, gays meg games wth you
r r stormy weather and be lost forever _
Archie Kazoo
Carma! be destroyed, but cannot fight -Loes to We hugs Adam get you advanced aim technology (weapons parts etc l
Bums sommes wth hgh emiemi '; Mire, transfor and many large amount or water you we “med to my a hub of t ,
we fun
Becomes depressed and disappears tor long
walks when overworked
Jew IS good, but breaks or wears down after too many ues
Capone otang you " to camp, JIKA a day Dion cannot ask for more um Sm months alter your tech breaks
sadness tyou an elm an
Gwendolyn Cactus Juan
can conjure we of any size or shape Anything 4% dates may 3.,
srw adduces neets alter 6 hours -Tums flesh We diamond on contact wth her -ony Em" danng the day, sleeps
can make blue perry snow cones hams underground at new
The warmth of touch holocause her heart to Atall not venom‘ any phyical labour or men day shoot my laving
Ings a are a ma.
met and we wt) suppers Makes remarks you Ml tell tend to any plants you have.
WW “Emma tyou torgat her ml also regale you wth tales from ms
Bounty Hunter past.
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Submitted: 12/22/2011
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User avatar #8 - mrsupergiraffe (12/22/2011) [-]
Womba Womba and Murray
Take womba womba's hat and sword,
lie them down for murray.
Kill womba womba for food.
#6 - anonymous (12/22/2011) [+] (1 reply)
1- Pick Rofl and Clepsy

2- Ask Clepsy for alien computer

3- Ask Rofl for Diablo 3

4- ????

5- Profit
User avatar #3 - doodler (12/22/2011) [-]
Cantelo and Coily
#1 - anonymous (12/22/2011) [-]
Cactus Juan and Murray.
#10 - anonymous (04/03/2012) [-]
Frostbite and Gwendolyn
tell Gwendolyn to touch Frostbite
chill as I watch reality shatter.
and Hell freezes over.
User avatar #4 - halfi (12/22/2011) [+] (2 replies)
Murray and Gilligan
User avatar #2 - cuddley (12/22/2011) [-]
I think cactus juan would be the best friend you could have

another good combo ive heard was
boleslava & archie = badass fortress
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