Rules of the Internet. think you have to enlarge:/ well this is to all the people who wonders what the rules of The Internet. Rules of the Internet cc, no not t Rules of the internet
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Rules of the Internet

think you have to enlarge:/ well this is to all the people who wonders what the rules of The Internet

Rules of the Internet
cc, no not tall»: about its
in .t. . ctures never forgives.
D... anonymous can be a '::orri‘ o‘_ e. senseless. uncaring mohter.
C. 7, is still able to deliver.
fri). There are no real rules about posting.
were are no real rules about moderation either - enjoy your hon.
IL. sh. 1. 1 carefully picked art; can easily be ignored.
in . you say can and will be used against you
ll. .-‘-_natl. -mg you say can km turned into so: net':: ing else itried.
Ill. so not argue 'ait':: trolls - it means that they win.
F. we '.-larder you try the harder you will fail.
f,, if you fail in epic proportion, it may inst become n winning failure.
1?. Unwary win fails ,
It. !: Lti_ g that can be labeled c. 2111 be ‘sated-
Tr.. -, Tire more you "mate it Itte stronger it gets.
as _'.'':: ing is to be taken seriously.
Orriginal co. attent is original only for a few seconds before getting old.
fic,. Copypasta is made to ruin every last bit of originality.
J. 3, ( is made to ruin every norric bit of originality.
LL. repost is always a repost, of .n repent-
3. Relation to the original topic decreases with every single post.
cl.. Jilly topic can be easily turned Into sonnet". --_J'_ tag totally unrelated.
33'. I-. l* brays question a perso. 11' s sexual prefrences '. any real reason.
26, 'aways question a person' s gender - just in case its really a man.
at In the internet all girls are men and all kids are undercover : agents.
5. h Tou must Lave pictures to prove your st.' tte.' nants-
31:: is Porn of it. lo recept: Lon:,
EHW: if a Porn of something cannot be found. ' will make it,
52. We exception to rule To is the citation or rule ais,
T.:/ i: .h. picturr, cauc aloen '.i. Cca forgive.
Re are TC' girls on the '..nternet-
is l eat is fine too.
To Cine cat leads to anot': -er.
trotter cat leads to Hippo can
1. 1: Yo matter what it is it is so: neone' s fetish. "lo exceptions.
lap,. i in delicious cake, You must eat, it..,
Irw'. it is a delicious trap. mu must "sit it
his t" at sucks today-
a' sock goes in Lare
they will not bring back .' . ,
no You will never have Hex.
as PI
at needs more flew. no Exceptions.
i There will '. -rays he even more ****** up suit tr. all mast you just saw
as ':' can not divide by sero because the calculator says sol-
53. City real limits of any kind apply ‘here not even the sky
so less isn' t i' unny. serious] y guys. is than C',: creatin jokes.
I "j' tedy more beautiful and pure a t': I_ 1'_ tag if?, he more sat: i. r_ -.: Lug it: it, to corrupt it
is one positive co: . ent atom Japanese Rings can make you a hre. tha too
C), men one sees a lion. one must get into the car,
11. were is always furry porn of it.
cs., the pool is closed.
its been cracked and pirated. './.;
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