4chan revelation. link to the post. File 2 -( KB, 449x548, 35, jpg) Cl Anonymous 9/ ) 03: 01: 36 Eb? ijust had a revelation. sitting here watching random youtub
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4chan revelation

File 2 -( KB, 449x548, 35, jpg)
Cl Anonymous 9/ ) 03: 01: 36
Eb? ijust had a revelation.
sitting here watching random youtube videos and browsing ml. then, during a new young turks video on youtube, realized something quite eerie. we all know how the main stream media has been ignoring ron pual, and as of
late they actually have been showing him a little bit of attention. however, all of the attention he is getting from the media now is all negative. its so apparent that these large media corporations dent want ron paul to win this
election. someone please debate that statement as you all know nobody can.
and now with his supporters growing more and more everyday, the media can no ignore ron paul. with all of the power and control they have over the people, there is one thing they did not expect. THE INTERNET.
how is rm paul gaining so much ground when the mass media is telling the worlds population that he is ajoke, and a mad man?
isnt it ironic that all ofa sudden, out of nowhere this SOFA bill is trying to be passed so quickly? because they now realize that the internet is the new frontier, and they have no control over it, or the people using it.
therefore, they need SOFA passed in order's regain ", control ofthe mass media, as well as the people.
media doesnt like ron paul, ron paul gains support we internet, SOFA comes out of nowhere
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Submitted: 12/19/2011
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User avatar #1 - Wobble (12/19/2011) [-]
By god that might be the single most intelligent thing to come out /b/ since Anonymous.......
#2 - CIS White Male (12/19/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Clicked the link, got 404.

It is already happening...
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