Bumblebees can fly. This particular myth started in the 1930's in Germany. At a dinner a Biologist asked an aerodynamics specialist about insect flight. The The
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Bumblebees can fly

This particular myth started in the 1930's in Germany. At a dinner a Biologist asked an aerodynamics specialist about insect flight. The The aerodynamicist did a few calculations and found that, according to the accepted theory of the day, bumblebees didn't generate enough lift to fly. The biologist, delighted to have a chance to show up those arrogant SOBs in the hard sciences, promptly spread the story far and wide. After the dinner the aerodynamicist sobered up and realized he made a mistake, bees wings are not stationary. Like helicopters they are a rotary blade, which allows them to generate the lift necessary. The mechanics were a bit more difficult, bees wings have to flap faster then neurons are able to fire, about 10-20x faster. So whats the story, each nerve impulse twangs the thorax and that twanging moves the bees wings multiple times until the next 'twang'.

tl;dr Bumblebees can fly, it's not quantum physics

i (: tras: Funnyjunk Editied]
Hey Jamie
Yes Adam
There is a myth that bumblebees
are e
Is that ?
Apparently their wings are tee
small support flight
Well, lets test it then
Se Jamie what' s eur first step?
T guess we have make a
medel Adam
What dc we have here Jamie
Well Adam, using seme
corrugated metal, and seme
spare materials around the
Shep, T have created a
perfect Beeing Replica
With shortened wings
match a bumblebees wing
weight ratte
Airplane be used rcr testing
Awesome, lets see if we can
get it eff the ground
oh man, we couldn' t even
get it eff the ground
Well Adam what new?
T knew lets blew it up
That was AWESOME
Hey adam we knew that bumblebees
flap their wings right
Well, what if through the
H - _H _ rapid flapping they were
bounds intrest '*?"" - ' able to genraly the lift
Lets trest it _ . - _ _ necessary fer them fly?
Testing flight capabilities with flapping]
Be it seems that they cerld
but the weild have be flapping
these wings real
nearly '
a secend
Well then T guess it' s time
check eut eur bumblebee
were videa receeding
a bumblebee at l, 500 fps lets
see what we find.
T faund samething
interesting as well
feelage it seems Adam. Apparently
that bumblebees bumblebees use the
flap at abaut ' : ' aam? principles
enaugh aller them The trick
ta fly is that the bee' s wing
rrex muscles,
den' t expand and
contract much as
er band. A nerve impulse
yeu might pluck a guitar string, and it
vibrates the wing up and dawn a few times
until the next impulse semes alang
ell Jamie after
reviewing the
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#1 - anonymous (12/18/2011) [-]
Thank you, everyone keeps saying this, but it's already busted.
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