How Social Media Is Ruining Our Minds. Dedz to - the you accustomed to receiving your news
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How Social Media Is Ruining Our Minds

the you accustomed to receiving your news in
140 characters? Watching videos I under 10
minutes’ If so you may be changing
Studies Show that
something we should all be aware of
won as mug Alala
by Social Media?
one acus
Multitasking interactions I
to ' nestle . re appear To he
mi abilitie
Much has been said about our increasing
impatience, and much at it is attributed to the fact
that everything & instantly oi Mable to us these
days much daeh tn "
The average attention span at present is
just 5 seconds tong.
Ten years ago, it was 12 minutes.
7 Erie.
Younger people have shorter
attention spans than the elderly.
and even relatives,
7% unpeople forget
their own birthdays
from time to tune.
Forgotten pats and
parson the stove
billion was caused
by lack of concentration.
Every time we start a new task,
the brain has to reorient itself,
Interruptions am be deadly to production.
yet the Internet is designed to distract
The average umie worker checks his email
times an hour.
i, Nearly once every 1 s minutes! !))
t at
500, 000 people ' t
o its
12 million Twitter users follow
64 ttr more Twitter accounts, and 1. 5
million follow over 511 accounts.
Facebook was install 20
milan apps every day.
must of which are distractions.
People spend 700
billion minutes on
Facebuck every month.
41. 6% of people access
the mobile phone.
Brains are and adapt
our experiences. my don' t simply sit
there in our heads, but instead
We would be
one of the mast important organs in the body.
A study dune on some claim social media
faund that makes us more
people who read tent Daly
understood fer more than A 2009 scuds of college
those whu read tent students round thars' roarers
integrated with video, their ' uhc' y
meme to seek out
men IS a populum and
pelt woe‘ mucho, % of college students
but if
rtnn. was lucid! tor
gettiing ahead in the warm
A UCLA study showed that More activity is seen in the
has hours
surfing an change the My was or the
works. brain than in those
not use the limiter
MADM Fonz:
Reaching fora
phone that
wasn' t there
Phantom phone
Fidgeting and
t at
Social networking has 37: 55“
chemical eject on our r ,
Oxytocin, the hormone that
stimulates trust and
empathy, spikes when social
media users are amine.
social networking can stimulate the
who type of hormonal response as
talking to friends or family.
This hormone is usually _
released during
social interactions.
Stress also tend to
drop, according to recent
studies. while users tweet.
e Adrenaline is released when we respond to a
sudden change in environment and social media is
sieries o/ changes, giving the body plenty or
cause to send out bursts ofthis addictive hormone.
The effects afgani' til media on the human brain
are still not a popular research topic, or, there are
Wallie changes. you can / e these yourself
if you look at how your attention span has changed
in the years. As time _ on we will
learn more about how the brain reacts. _ hopefully
it won' t be 2001022 to make adjustments.
no can TRUST
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Submitted: 12/15/2011
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