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User avatar #232 - pzykotic (12/15/2011) [-]
As a teen myself, I can say, most teens aren't close to adulthood. This month I become 18(yes pedobear, you have less then ten days left) and I still act like I'm 13. Just with other goals. It's those goals that change the way I am, but on the inside I'm just a 13-year old who red and memorized a bit more of his study books. In the end, 90% of what you study shall be forgotten.

Other then that, the thing I hate about THIS generation in particular is the 'emo/scene' ******** . A lot of teens become depressed for a week and then go "I'm emo, I hate all people", no you're not. I am a misanthrope, I have hated people for years, not because of depression, but because of it's stupidities like most teens. Maybe later when I'm around more adults, I'll not be a misanthrope anymore, but considering those adults came from this stupid generation, I might stay one.

Yes, this comment is useless and doesn't mean anything, just more crappy teen-wisdom from some dumb teenager.
#273 to #232 - nythaysar (12/15/2011) [-]
I agree completely with everything you just said.
User avatar #257 to #232 - derpherping (12/15/2011) [-]
a-are we the same person op.....
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