Woman Logic lvl 100. OC - Be gentle =) Wow... Top 70 =O! Thank you guys... My christmas wish came true ^^<3 Merry christmas everyone!. Chism' on the internet
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Woman Logic lvl 100

OC - Be gentle =)
Wow... Top 70 =O! Thank you guys... My christmas wish came true ^^<3
Merry christmas everyone!

Chism' on the internet When suddenly wild appears...
Mae Why are you never helping
me out, blah, blah, blah, I'
Oh, is there anything/ l carl
help you with ?
done it myself!
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Submitted: 12/12/2011
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#27 - amythestoneohone (12/13/2011) [-]
I don't care if you say this is OC, I saw this a week or so ago....so it's not OC.
I don't care if you say this is OC, I saw this a week or so ago....so it's not OC.
#33 to #27 - zaul (12/14/2011) [-]
I haven't noticed any repost of my comic (yet). But again.. I'm not on funnyjunk everyday though. So it might be possible, if you've seen exactly the same comic somewhere else in here.
#29 to #27 - zaul (12/13/2011) [-]
I've posted it once before were it sadly only got 16 thumps and none thump downs.

You can say whatever you want rreally, but I made this comic myself.
User avatar #30 to #29 - amythestoneohone (12/13/2011) [-]
If you made this content, kudos, because I like it. It just made me upset that someone reposted it.
#26 - shroomsngoons (12/13/2011) [-]
well last time i was left in charge of hiring the babysitter.....
#19 - anonymous (12/13/2011) [-]
nobody has mentioned that this is a repost?
he just re-drew it differently. it's exactly the same joke as another.
User avatar #24 to #19 - roflcopterkklol **User deleted account** (12/13/2011) [-]
these comics are all simple ideas and it is very easy to come up with an idea someone else already thought of.
#22 to #19 - zaul (12/13/2011) [-]
I am not knowned of any other who've made this comic. I made it myself with my own experience in paint.

Haters gonna hate.
#18 - gawdzillahhh **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#23 to #18 - anonymous (12/13/2011) [-]
And shes fat
#32 to #23 - gawdzillahhh **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#17 - livinglegacy (12/13/2011) [-]
It'd be nice if they said they needed help. And if, when you ask them if they needed help, it wasn't "demeaning" or "belittling". And if they didn't overreact by yelling, and just calmly say "Hey. I could've really used some help. Would it be alright if you helped out next time?"
User avatar #16 - hellenkelller (12/13/2011) [-]
That actually makes sense though. Probably because I have a ****** ...but nyeh.
User avatar #15 - ridemyark (12/13/2011) [-]
me- "well im glad i asked when i did"
User avatar #12 - harrypottergirl (12/13/2011) [-]
my mom pulls this crap
User avatar #13 to #12 - harrypottergirl (12/13/2011) [-]
sorry forgot to add that if i ever start talking like this please feel free to slap me
#10 - sookie (12/13/2011) [-]
Every ******* Time...
User avatar #8 - AliceZ (12/13/2011) [-]
My grandmother does this all the time.
#7 - TheAnonymousRebel **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#21 to #7 - phritenite **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#6 - vaginismus (12/12/2011) [-]
no girl wants to play someone else's mother. so this happens, when boys don't start anything without having to tell them to do it. -.-
#11 to #6 - reaperboy ONLINE (12/13/2011) [-]
we dont usually do something until it needs to get done
#28 to #11 - vaginismus (12/13/2011) [-]
i'm not talking about all the boys, but my experience is that boys don't do anything even if the house smells like **** and has candy wrappers and dirty dishes everywhere. you should see my friend's house, perhaps i'll take a picture of it someday...

but ofc i know there is clean boys out there and i even know a few of them - just sayin that everyone like clean and hardworking guys who don't need to be bossed around all the time.
#31 to #28 - reaperboy ONLINE (12/14/2011) [-]
yeah they are called gay
#34 to #31 - vaginismus (12/14/2011) [-]
lol well i guess there's something you can learn from gays.
#3 - CrackUp (12/12/2011) [-]
women: logic level 0
#1 - littlegreenmidgets (12/12/2011) [-]
broke up with my girl today cuz of that..
#2 to #1 - NekustaII (12/12/2011) [-]
never happened to me cuz i had no girl friend to begin with
#4 to #2 - indifferent (12/12/2011) [-]
**indifferent rolled a random image posted in comment #167 at Pepper Spray, The Truth ** How do you leave a girlfriend? Isnt it hard to live with only one hand afterwards?
User avatar #14 to #4 - harrypottergirl (12/13/2011) [-]
haha great roll man
#5 to #4 - NekustaII (12/12/2011) [-]
no im not interested in one yet and so this meme best represents me :(
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