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#162 - anonymous (12/12/2011) [-]
you can't blame that, they believe what every other christian believed years ago. they're real christians, 100%. they more of an understanding of the religion than most people do now.
User avatar #183 to #162 - femanonspanki (12/12/2011) [-]
Look I'm not here to bitch but please let's let people have their opinions and you have yours thanks
#173 to #162 - ninjazaku (12/12/2011) [-]
That is the kind of narrow mindedness this old (but funny) comic refers to.   
That is the kind of narrow mindedness this old (but funny) comic refers to.

User avatar #185 to #173 - Aiwatcher (12/12/2011) [-]
I don't give a **** if I get thumbed down. But he's got a point. Im not saying Christians are only good christians if they act like total idiots, but a few hundred years ago in America, Protestants hated Catholics simply for being a different sect let alone a different religion. He's saying that the WBC is just doing what was acceptable a long time ago, while the rest of Christians are doing whats acceptable now.
User avatar #190 to #185 - ninjazaku (12/12/2011) [-]
im not denying that. i know that history im just saying its no excuse for being a bigot.
#167 to #162 - pariahlol (12/12/2011) [-]
Tha 			****		 is your problem Of course we can 			*******		 blame them.
Tha **** is your problem Of course we can ******* blame them.
#172 to #167 - anonymous (12/12/2011) [-]
people thought that same as this not too long ago. time have changes? sure, but the bible hasn't and you can't just change what christianity is, in a majority christian country, that claims to pe pure and proud christians, there are very little true christians.
#174 to #172 - pariahlol (12/12/2011) [-]
Nobody cares what they thought awhile ago. ITS DIFFERENT NOW so **** off anon.
#179 to #174 - anonymous (12/12/2011) [-]
how is it? the orignal concept of christianity is still the same, people just choose to read it wrong and use the good parts, not the parts about it being against homosexuality, the rights of women and black people. they obviously do care about what people thought about awhile go, because they made a whole book on phrases by dead people who lived in those times.
#207 to #179 - anonymous (12/12/2011) [-]
anon shut the **** up already. you say people are reading it wrong now? well we are finally starting to understand it now you twat. if bob and jack love each other and want to start a nice family. do you think God is gonna go OH **** YOU GOTTA BURN IN HELL FOR LOVING THIS MAN WITH ALL YOUR HEART? no you **** . now go troll some christian website while you wait out the next 2 and a half minutes to write some more ******** comments
User avatar #186 to #179 - schneidend (12/12/2011) [-]
The point of Christianity is to try and be as loving, forgiving, and serene as Jesus. Turn the other cheek when attacked, marry hookers, and **** up people's **** when they try to turn a church into a flea market.
User avatar #184 to #179 - cyborgnoob (12/12/2011) [-]
I'm Christian, and you're totally wrong about what you're stating. If you're gonna follow everything the old testament says that means you're not alone to cut off a single hair from your body. I highly doubt you do that. So stop being so arrogant.
User avatar #166 to #162 - Grom (12/12/2011) [-]
christians: "YOU'RE ANOTHER RELIGION?!?!?! These are all the reasons your religion is wrong..."
most other religions: "You're another religion? That's cool."
#220 to #166 - anonymous (12/12/2011) [-]
ugh where do you get these false opinions?
-buddhism would see christianity as silly seeing they believe that what God wants is of no concern to us
-hinduism has a couple more gods which say nothing about the christian god and nothing about jesus so if you believe hinduism then christianity is false as well.
-muslims see christianity as a deviation from their correct religion

seriously dude get your facts straight. in addition, several popes and theologians have tried to prove that despite not believing in christianity you may go to heaven even if you're a perhaps a buddhist or some jackass on funnyjunk making false claims about christianity. they have reasons to not believe in christ while we have reasons to not believe their stuff. period.
User avatar #206 to #166 - robocat (12/12/2011) [-]
When I told my friends sister I was an atheist she apologized to me because "my parents raised me wrong" and that she has been "touched bu God".

I have never wanted to strangle someone so much in my life.
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