Epic cab driver. Not mine, imgur.com/aEh4G Will post follow up when ready :] Thread of the Thread /funny_pictures/2996802/Epic+cab+driver/7. I was being a dick  fail win epic creddit
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Epic cab driver

I was being a dick tan a at: driver last night and refused ts pay the fare and
threatened him, when he bald me that he wiuld lake me ts police simian I got
saved and planned ts do a runner on him, And when I tried ts run I target my
phone in the cab, And new that aab driver is teaching me a lesson by Iterating this
post, Even though I was being extremely rude clumsy bastard, The at: driver is
still kind enough ts give me an opportunity ts get my phone back, All he asking is
the five I ewe him and an apologizing note an my Facebook wall. And want all my
friends ts like it so they an see my true face. The cab driver will check my
Facebook again ts make sure. And since he sees the apologizing nate
he' ll send the address ts pick the phone up.
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