Facebook versus Logic. Sorry for the iPhone format, I screen capped it on the run because I knew that he'd delete his comments. I was right.. guess who' s back. facebook troll Beiber Eminem
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Facebook versus Logic

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Facebook versus Logic. Sorry for the iPhone format, I screen capped it on the run because I knew that he'd delete his comments. I was right.. guess who' s back.

Sorry for the iPhone format, I screen capped it on the run because I knew that he'd delete his comments. I was right.

guess who' s back. back again.
28 minutes ago
d shady' s back. tell a friend.
22 minutes ago . Like
Fl" fuck eminem biebs all the way XXX
16 minutes ago . Like
Areyoufuckingserious. jpg/‘
14 minutes ago . Like
Fl" yes who are you retard
14 minutes ago . Like
Fl' back to the xbox you fuckin geek
13 minutes ago . Like
Words cannot begin to describe exactly
how little faith I have left in the world
now, that someone said that the
prepubescent girl is a better entertainer
than one of the legends of music, one
of the only rap artists that managed to
sustain a career.
10 minutes ago . Like
Fl' sustain my balls it
10 minutes ago . Like
However hearing how much you
menstruate over a simple comment
makes me think you' ll be dead from an
aneurism within the decade. This gives
me a little faith back.
9 minutes ago . Like
Fl' shut up you ugly piece of shit
9 minutes ago . Like
Wow, a personal attack due to a given
opinion. Just because you can' t
understand all the big words doesn' t
mean you need to be angry.
7 minutes ago . Like
E heres a big word cocksucking moth
7 minutes ago . Like
I' m afraid your vocabulary (noun; words
that you understand an can use legibly
in a sentence) fails you yet again. I can
see the last decade of your education
has been utterly wasted. Let me know
what street corner in the valley you end
up working at, so I can avoid seeing the
bruised, version of you
that gives blowjobs at discount prices.
7 minutes ago . Like
2 who is this moron that thinks
that it has any hope whatsoever of even
scoring a cheap shot at me? Really,
anyone with the mental capacity to
breathe without being told to should
know better.
36 minutes ago . Like .
hahahaahaha expected some spastic
that works for games has liked all
your statuses and dont think your
smarter then me because i dont use
punctuation on facebook, the funny
thing is i probably earn more then your
25 minutes ago . Like
Ft' red curly hair must kind of suck :/
26 minutes ago . Like
stick to nerf wars you two :P
25 minutes ago . Like
21 minutes ago . Like
I' m actually looking forward to the next
time some neanderthal talks shit,
blasting people with logic and showing
them exactly how many brain cells they
need to gain to avoid being legally
retarded is fun z)
3 minutes ago . Like
This is going on Funnyjunk. To the front
page I go!
Just now . Like
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> hey anon, wanna give your opinion?
#25 - jmrking **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
#259 to #25 - anon id: 902dbe89
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(12/10/2011) [-]
It proves that 90% of the people in FJ are little children with assburger syndrome, they fake **** up and try to look so mature. Dickbutts.
User avatar #264 to #259 - zionsype
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(12/10/2011) [-]
User avatar #260 to #25 - zionsype
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
people thumb this up because they enjoy seeing an idiot proved wrong and to watch their stupidity. It gives them the sense as if they are winning the fight.
#116 to #25 - wubscripted
Reply +14 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
completely agree, and FJ is filling up with this ****
#29 - fetussandwich **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
#33 - alleksi
Reply +35 123456789123345869
(12/09/2011) [-]

seriousl y it ******* ruins it
User avatar #34 to #33 - mcqwark
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(12/09/2011) [-]
I believe the hypocritical argument ruined it... Oh wait.
User avatar #36 to #34 - alleksi
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(12/09/2011) [-]
well everything in this post was ****, but I've started to see a lot of this "omg i'll post this to FJ guise!" and its ******* annoying
User avatar #37 to #36 - mcqwark
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(12/09/2011) [-]
I agree but not just that. I hate how they believe they will make front page with their "cleverness" and add it to the end.
#109 - LemonNADE
Reply +26 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
When you said "Wow a personal attack because of opinion?" That's exactly what you did to him/her first you ******* idiot. You started it off when he/she said they liked Justin Bieber(Which you'd have to be a ******* moron to not realize the obvious trolling going on there.) And all you did the entire argument was try and make yourself sound smarter than you really are.

TL;DR OP Is a Richard Simmonsgot.
#336 - indifferentapathy **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
#275 - zackallenbob
Reply +15 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
"This is going on FunnyJunk. To the front page I go!"....Dear God you are a Richard Simmonsgot.
User avatar #75 - crazytenfold
Reply +13 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
that was like reading twilight. everthing that needed one sentence took up a whole damn paragraph
User avatar #216 - nicecontentbro
Reply +12 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
This is dumb. Seriously, enough of this ****. You guys always get pissed off whenever someone likes someone different from you, but when you piss someone off because you poke fun at what they like, you try to fall back on that "it's just an opinion no need to get all worked up about it"

Well how about this, OP. You suck dick. Your sister is a whore. Your brother is a heroin addict. You mother was a hamster. Your father smelled of elderberries.
#223 to #216 - anon id: e5e7cd35
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
now go away before you taunt him a second time?
User avatar #225 to #223 - nicecontentbro
Reply -2 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
lolnope. I love getting hate on here. It gives me proof that despite what funnyjunk says, they are just as retarded as everyone else.
User avatar #221 to #216 - rockinthejizzface
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
I wish I could thumb more then once, first for the avatar, second for the first part of the comment, and thrice for the Monty Python quote XD
User avatar #227 to #221 - nicecontentbro
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
#126 - anon id: b4b1dd23
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
are you serious? there is just.. TOO much wrong about this "argument"... So what if the kid doesn't like Eminem and listens to Justin Bieber; WHO GIVES A ****? You've lost faith in humanity because people like to listen to popular music? and seriously, just because you can use 6th grade vocabulary words and proper punctuation doesn't make you any smarter than that other guy, it just makes you look like an arrogant prick trying to seem intelligent. and really, commenting about how "this is going on FunnyJunk" just ruined it. it's like you just pissed on a pile of ****. this isn't funny at all. go eat a dick, OP.
User avatar #131 to #126 - dontnukeme
Reply -8 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
#188 to #126 - boavenom **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #282 to #126 - kermheat
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
Pretty much sums up what i wanted to say.

So i'll add this : You said Eminem is much better than bieber... Barely, his music is just as meaningless.
You provoked an argument by saying his taste in music is terrible because it is not similar to yours, and then called him a child for provoking a personal attack. OP is a failed thumbwhore IMO.
User avatar #134 to #126 - theawesomeone
Reply +12 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
^ this pretty much sums up my feelings.
#119 - soyouareone
Reply +12 123456789123345869
(12/10/2011) [-]
This makes me want to slam my face into the ground multiple times.