Ban Me Admin. I don't care how this gets to admin, I don't care about thumbs (obviously) i just need to leave this site, and for whatever reason i can't. I cant
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Ban Me Admin

I don't care how this gets to admin, I don't care about thumbs (obviously) i just need to leave this site, and for whatever reason i can't. I cant stay up till 5AM again thumbing and clicking next. For me, i have to end the "Ok, one more post and i'll log off" routine. You've all done it, i want to end it.

Hey TNT. m: : , here. Ive get a couple
of problems geing en and I' m afraid T need
year help. This may be TL; DR but T den' t give
a **** .
I' m trying get Banned here if that
C) helps persuade yeu keep reading}
Iing stery shert, I' m a student in College.
m failing out again. Ive stepped smaking
eed, I' quit drinking, I' canceled my (f)
neflix and Eben Live Accounts. I' tried
e remove as many distractions as passible.
And theres anly ene left. A big ene. Ive been Deming this site
since the background was green. I' had numerous accounts
and have pasted seme pretty ****** Origianal Cintent.
T leve yeu guys, yeu make me laugh when I' m
feeling dawn, and yeu give me a feel when T
need ene.
This breaks my heart Funnyjunk, but we need
Break up. Permanently.
T knew what yeu' re thinking. Why sheild we give a **** ?
Just delete year accaunt and step Deming here.
Well, its net that simple. T have an addictied, this
website, honestly i' m geeked. I' ll keep Deming here if
there is a way.
Se hew am T geing fix this prablem?
T need a here.
T need a Eead Guy Greg
Cr wanted a Tyler Durden, but it went upload)
Heres what we need . Get this pest admin. T dent
care hew, flag it, thumb it up, send it him, whatever.
T have a message fer him.
Admin, if yeu' re reading this. Help me.
Cure my Addictied.
De the ene thing I' m net streng enaugh ...
Place a Permanent Ban en every Address
my accaunt has ever used.
Help me escape this party that has became
my prisen.
Admin, peeple rag en yeu all the time, but
I' always thaught yeu' dene a damn
geed jeb
Eead bye all.
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Submitted: 12/06/2011
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#5 - fgukenschnitzel **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#3 - vintaminc (12/06/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Lol... the smell of thumbwhoring is not a pleasant one, especially in the morning... if you are really serious about this, prove it by deleting your account!
User avatar #2 - trollsoup (12/06/2011) [-]
post pronz
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