Kepler 22b time to get there. Here the post I talk about: /funny_pictures/2978605/New+Earth+Like+Planet+discovered/. Hi! There was this information on Frontpage MEGATAGS
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Kepler 22b time to get there

Hi! There was this information on Frontpage
that told about this 600
lightyears away from us.
There I read a ocmment, that asked how
long it would take to get there.
So I thought "yeah how long would it take? 1
Let' s do the math:
I' m from germany so I' ll do it in kilometres
per hour (the result will be the same, the
steps are just a little different}
So first things first: l lightyear is
about 9 460 800 aoo 000 kilometres
9 460 800 aoo aoo x 600 =
Thats the distance.
Now the speed: The fastest NASA rocket can
reach a speed of times sonic speed.
That makes , 8 x = kilometres per
Now the funny thing:
divided throught 12348
equals -> 459"
Now the proof:
So we had km
Then we had km/ h
We do km/ km/ h ( have km/ km so we can put
this out)
What leaves: h
Proof, that we have the result in h.
st' kiill,'! iil
459" hours makes
19154518958. f) f) f) days
f) weeks
69 month
52442214, 8( wears
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