My whole life was a lie. He had a nose! VOLDEMORT tallis Had a nose in the first movie.. no one understands the lack of nose and it pisses me the off. his appearances reflects the fact hes becoming less and less human. hence the snakeish appearance. nose Not right on voldemort
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#2 - herpderppppp (12/06/2011) [+] (26 replies)
no one understands the lack of nose and it pisses me the **** off. his appearances reflects the fact hes becoming less and less human. hence the snakeish appearance. but people like you ARE TOO ******* RETARDED TO GET THAT. HURR I WATCH MOVIES AND LAUGH AT THINGS I DONT GET BECAUSE IM 12 AND I DONT KNOW WHATS GOING ON. **** YOU. **** you. go back to your ******* twilight.
#50 - theepiccunttainter (12/07/2011) [+] (6 replies)
in the 4th movie he gets reborn into a new body, thats when he loses it.

just to prove how stupid your argument is: When he was Tom Riddle, he had a nose.
User avatar #14 - meggiepoo (12/06/2011) [+] (5 replies)
He looses his nose and Crabbe looses 400 lbs and turns black.
#53 - anonymous (12/07/2011) [+] (7 replies)
After he is "evicted" from Quirrle's body, he has to live inside a snake. After spending three years living through a snake, he develops snake like features, hence the flat nose.
User avatar #54 to #53 - jjamesgordon (12/07/2011) [-]
Actually, no. Because in Half-Blood Prince when Harry is inside Dumbledore's memories, Voldemort returns to Hogwarts to apply for the Defense Against the Dark Arts job. It says then that his features were already beginning to melt and become waxy, and take on a serpentine appearance.
#17 - natnoo (12/06/2011) [-]
It's because it's his soul attached to somebody else's body. when professor quirrell dies his soul disappears. Then when he comes back and peter pettigrew puts him in the cauldron he forms a larger more human body which is slightly deformed because his soul has been split... thats why he had a nose :)
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#69 - radicaledward (12/07/2011) [+] (2 replies)
why i hate the first harry potter movie:
originally, J. K. Rowling wanted Terry Gilliam to direct the first Harry Potter. However, WB decided he couldn't be easily controlled in to making the film child directed, and picked Chris Colombus to direct it instead. I love Harry Potter, but the first movie was pretty boring. by the Prizoner of Azkaban (with a new director), it had gotten really good. And in the Deathly Hallows, David Yates even paid homage to Gilliam with a Brazil-esque scene.

if you don't know who terry Gilliam is was the animator for Monty Python, and did:
Monty Python Holy Grail (co director)
Time Bandits
Big Fish
Adventures of the Baron M√ľnchhausen
12 Monkey's
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Brothers Grimm
and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnasuss
and he's also making a Don Quixote Movie.
User avatar #68 - purplegodes (12/07/2011) [-]
maybe he had a nose until they put him into his new body, he had one in all past versions of himself. like as a little kid and a teenager
User avatar #38 - thesoulless (12/07/2011) [-]
As well as Tom Riddle and , and then he lost his nose
User avatar #21 - xxMAJISTYxx (12/07/2011) [+] (3 replies)
No the real reason for this is because when Voldemort creates Horcruxes his body turns more snakelike. During the first movie Voldemort still hadn't created his final Horcrux, Nagini. So we can assume after splitting his soul and sealing it into the snake no more nose.
User avatar #26 - jinglebells (12/07/2011) [-]
what happens if they both sneeze at the same time?
User avatar #75 - obbichan (12/07/2011) [-]
Lots of things changed through out the movies with different directors, and as many people have stated in previous comments, it could possibly be because of his new body gained in GoF. But I just think that it was because of the director changes. Chris Columbus just simply could not portray Voldemort as frightful as David Yates could. Other things that have changes throughout the series is the Hogwarts grounds, the Fat Ladie's personality & voice, Dumbledore of course, but that wasn't planned, and Pansy Parkinson's character. The good news is that they are just the movies, and they are just visual aspects. The story through out the movie portrayal was true to the books.
I don't care if tl;dr, because I'm a huge Potterhead and have to put my two cents in whenever I can :-)
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#41 - ilikerolling (12/07/2011) [-]
**ilikerolling rolled a random image posted in comment #205 at Bachelor frog comp (READ DESC) **
User avatar #39 - spacefield (12/07/2011) [-]
When he didn't have a nose, he was not full human. Just my guess...
User avatar #20 - jokesrfunny (12/07/2011) [-]
Because he got a brand new body (albeit flawed) in the fourth movie. I don't even like this stuff and I knew that -_-
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