To good to be true. To good to be true. while making this, I' m siting at the kitchen and making dinner for my brother) I play Ies I even pretend that PM panpan
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To good to be true

To good to be true

Tags: The Game
while making this, I' m siting at the kitchen and
making dinner for my brother)
I play
Ies I even pretend that
PM panpan. Altair at Insulin em]
I can repair my own car '
and PC and I can even
******* replace a -
And the best part: ,
I can awn pickle jars
Ali I can find my way’ manna the internet.
And I con even make a website.
Alh' Without cute cats and sparkly templates.
I HATE thickdick.
may movies.
hips pictures _
and most of all:
Lord of the rings
Hey babe. want ta came ever and watch me playin COM"
Yeah, Iwar love to"
It' s a real phone with me
use suport this guy
And new. I' m off to unit allnighter
in order to watch a I of Star wars
I /khh REAL
where is the katch?
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Submitted: 12/03/2011
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#6 - deckiefone **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #1 - broniesinarms (12/03/2011) [+] (1 reply)
I found the part about colin macrae funny

because he died in a car crash
#7 - heartlessrobot (12/03/2011) [-]
This image has expired
ever heard of it?
#10 - mr skeltal (12/04/2011) [-]
old, and nobody actually gives a **** about your life's story. this is funnyjunk, not "lookatmeiplayvideurrrrrgamesandi'saguurrrrlllldotcomm"
User avatar #9 - acfb (12/04/2011) [-]
the catch is the katch.
#8 - mendacious (12/04/2011) [-]
but anyway, things like this piss me off. You thumb it thinking "lol lesbian too bad there arn't real girls like this". But there are, (i am one of them) but she's a lesbian, so she's not a thumb whore right? Just because she's not trying to get guys sexual attention (which she might. I know a lot of lesbians that hit on guys just to turn them down) doesn't mean she's not a thumb whore. She gets away with it because she's gay, but if a streight girl does it she's either a thumb whore and/or fat/ugly.
User avatar #4 - japlopeino (12/03/2011) [-]
#3 - dildoan (12/03/2011) [-]
I'd rather a little feminine trap before

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