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User avatar #16 - Nameloc (12/01/2011) [-]
What if AppleJacks

Never gets the Apple flavor again

#27 to #16 - anonymous (12/01/2011) [-]
as a wee lad they had commercials where kids asked "why's it called Apple Jacks if it doesn't taste like apples?" then they smile and take pictures because it's the 90s and polaroids made EVERYBODY pose on TV
#28 to #27 - lordlard (12/01/2011) [-]
goddamn it forgot to login
#19 to #16 - kelciekupkakes **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #21 to #19 - Nameloc (12/01/2011) [-]
Not anymore
The creators keep replacing it with CINNAMON
It saddens me. It's also false commercialization.
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