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#810 - theratman
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(11/30/2011) [-]
multiplayer (pvp and such) wouldn't work, because someone would be an overpowered killingmachine and loot all the good stuff and make the server their kingdom

But if you consider cooperative, with 3 - 5 players, that would be actually a good idea in my opnion, but places like the dungeons it would be to many people at once, and the difficulty should be raised to expert at least so it wouldn't be too easy for a group of players to just do one hit at each enemy

this is all just my opinion ofcourse

#849 to #810 - pyroblem
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(11/30/2011) [-]
It would be better if they preserved the singleplayer mode but would add a multiplayer mode with another map that would be specifically be designed t support the carnage of 2-4 or perhaps more players. And i would prefer if they added a harder difficulty. :3
#814 to #810 - turbomullet **User deleted account**
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