Random Facts. A List of my favourite random facts. My Favorite Random Facts (with commentary) Hm yelled for 3 years, 7 munths and ti days full wiuld hare produc
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Random Facts

A List of my favourite random facts

My Favorite Random Facts (with commentary)
Hm yelled for 3 years, 7 munths and ti days full wiuld hare produced enaugh sound energy to heat we cup .{ E[ ardly seems mirth it.)
faded consistently for ti years and it mums, mung gas is produced m create the energy Man awe wk (Now that' s mum like it!)
The human heart creates mung pres sure when it pumps um m the brandy
to squirt blood M feet: (
A pig' s lasts M minutes. {in my next life, I want to be a pig.)
A cockroach will lise nine days without its head betere it startes to death. (Creepy) (Pm still nut user the pig.)
Banging yuur head against a wall uses 150 calories an hour. (Do nut troth's at hum: maybe at wurk.)
The male praying mantis mum copulate while its head is attached m its body. The female initiates sea: by ripping the male' s head at ('Thaey,
The flea can jump 350 times its body length. For a human, that wiuld be equivalent m jumping the length Ma football . (Mt
pig. can yuu imagine? l')
The catfish has user 2' taste buds. (What be " tasty M the bottom Ma mild?)
Salome lions mate user 50 times a day. (I still want to be a pig in my next user quantity)
Butterflies taste with their feet: ( I always wanted to know.)
The strongest muscle in the brandy is the tongue. (' t there.)
Elephants are the Mk animals that and jump. (OK, " that wiuld be a good thing. -)
A cat' s urine glows under a black light. (I wander whu was paid m figure that outs)
An ostrich' s eye is bigger than its brain. (I know sume penile like that.)
Starfish hare nu brains. (I fauns sume people like that tau.)
Pub: bears are . {if they switch, they' ll lise a lot lunger.)
Humans and his are the maly species that hare sea: for pleasure. (What about that pig? i‘)
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Submitted: 03/24/2010
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