Choose your weapon. FRONT PAGE? WEOOOOOO u guys rock!I shall now celebrate by dancing on my keyboard^&!)$(%^!(_%^((@!% !%!@^$%$(! survival fun island twenty four
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Choose your weapon

Choose your weapon. FRONT PAGE? WEOOOOOO u guys rock!I shall now celebrate by dancing on my keyboard^&!)$(%^!(_%^((@!% !%!@^$%$(!

FRONT PAGE? WEOOOOOO u guys rock!I shall now celebrate by dancing on my keyboard^&!)$*(%^!(_%^(*(@!% !%!@^$*%$(!

What did YOU choose?

lvl " Vacation gone bad)
You are flying across the Pacific to some ******** for some reason, and your plane crashes. You wake up days later
on a desert Island with some of the following Items. You have it points to spend. You cannot pick more than one
from each row, and the first ' rows must be used. Perks are will be here for 20 years.
The island is uncharted, and ranges from desert and dry to swampy and everywhere in between.
There is a an of a year tropical season and a in of a year rainy season.
Only 8 years old, doesn' t " was tuti, fut! that it Camped with her ttwtt Tour best mate friend, or Yes, It costs you points
know much, But is willing ' tableflip,' , "Pr twitte a month, atl non sexual partner If you’ re to be alone. if you don’ t
to learn. Very playful. DTF 'l/ ,'','if, i, ',,taht ,' l, m her stilt. Ugly " “Wk: a girl (ogirls on ychan). want to spend points,
since she doesn’ t know any warm "an we gm; anti mg, stranger than ytou, Very get the ugly bitch.
better. Wem' t be of much survive: classes. DTF. , Wm ' No catch. can he into ivlvyi?
help gem me age; imp knows the basics. In . DTP you around the Island and Not DTF.
need can the matt since you' re he only may on the panic If you don' t check In.
few years on the Island, but . Rad hygiene Soap
will be only " at the end. settles Fish In percs.
and a knife " it pts
we' an read Henge; fee}; off, A single hunting rifle. Comes A pair tta pistols, handly If That' s it. Remember, a hatchet Aka dumbass "I' M so HARD”
we new what rtru' re getting. with 5, 552 shots, one for every you have a partner on the can chop wood, among other mode.
other day you' re on the Island. island. Also comes with shlt.. A knife cant
Also comes with cleaning 3, 552 shots and cleaning
equipment. equipment.
Personal itemss........
Hugo wed classic
Half full of your favorite music Enough to smoke as a Unlimited newspaper for Allows you to listen to any Doeesn' t defeate. we eke,
and your pa runer' s favorite music. week. Doesn' t go bad. . radio station.. Music, spud! may not Be good for women.
Unlimited battery in this scenario. Comes with a pipe and torents, '. ' t “W
unlimited wraps. Ho lighter. half the time. Sound
is decent when it does work.
Perk (Optional)
Alli i, ti, lillu
4 pts Shelter - 8 pts 6 pts 4 pts
empty. ‘foo know, a regular kit.
No Snakes or Spiders Dog Map - 6 pts On topic
3 pts at pts 4 pts 21 pts
A 1 year old, tame dog is magically, a map showing THU "nil a huge EMILIE or gemme en the an mt,
2' l' '' tats' ' ', ,. i' ound on the Island. Average all of the island appears. gold coins your first day on thee are an reads
lifespan for this species is " (And no, it' s not ******* the Island. Approximate posted on my
years. Flawful gee stuartess, we worth: 15. 1 million dollars
a generic island. i
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#118 - sparkyfusion (11/27/2011) [+] (1 reply)
1.Choose hipster
2.Make pregnant
3.Unlimited loli's
#473 - roberttheclown **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (8 replies)
#39 - astisk (11/27/2011) [-]
-A cup
-Unlimited Piss
-Bigger container for future piss storage.
User avatar #517 - VICTORx (11/27/2011) [+] (3 replies)
Hipster: 6 - She's competent and should still be able to learn. She'll get over herself when faced with surviving in an unfriendly area.

Hatchet: 4 - Can be used to chop and sharpen wood. Can use the backside as a hammer to break rock shards to create more tools, and can be used for anything else you might use a hammer for (construction).

Stationary: 4 - Can be used to create a map. Unlimited paper can be used for assistance in starting fires/insulating walls. If metal, pens can be used to create spears and used as nails with light wood.

If the medical kit is unlimited in supplies, then I'd choose that: 6 - Obvious reasons, not dying being paramount. Given unlimited supplies, can use gauze/medical adhesive to make sun shades/new clothes.

If the medical kit is limited in supplies, then I'd choose condoms: 3 - Not only for sex (that's still a major bonus), can be used to carry water, keep captured food fresher and away from contaminants.

Lastly, Treasure: 4 - If I'm going through 20 years of ******** , I want something for it.
#450 - ColonelSandals **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (2 replies)
User avatar #348 - Visual (11/27/2011) [+] (2 replies)
Hunting rifle
#278 - aludile (11/27/2011) [+] (2 replies)

Don't care about the rest.
#255 - mattucheese **User deleted account** (11/27/2011) [+] (2 replies)
Can I have a volleyball instead of a football?
#794 - ladynaga (11/27/2011) [-]






#613 - Tynan (11/27/2011) [-]
Hipster- Leave her tied up entire time for sex

Gun- Use one bullet a day, use natural weapons like sticks and spears to conserve ammo

Weed- So i dont lose my ******* mind on the island, only smoke a small bit so i can smoke twice as much a week.

No Snakes or spiders- Deathly arachnophobic, **** the condoms, falcon punch her in the stomach routinely every week.
#92 - commandersheppard (11/27/2011) [-]
**** the system... and the 8 year old.
#620 - tiitsmcgeee (11/27/2011) [+] (1 reply)
just piss. nothing else
#391 - AlbelTheWicked ONLINE (11/27/2011) [-]
Come on people, this is where your prowess in minecraft comes together.

Who needs a hatchet? Punch a few trees and make one yourself.
User avatar #280 - beastsy (11/27/2011) [+] (2 replies)
you people are dumb as **** , if you want to be alone just kill the ugly bitch, there thats free 3 points
#753 - Altr (11/27/2011) [-]
1. no one
2. condoms
4. more condoms
5. even more condoms

6. dog....
User avatar #1660 - iridescent (11/28/2011) [-]
**iridescent rolls 55** dubs and i get 12 more points
#1238 - paulcar (11/28/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Loli x 2.66 = 24 (close enough) nothing else
#1240 to #1238 - raddaradda (11/28/2011) [-]
as requested.
#1162 - daftspectres (11/27/2011) [-]
chooses unlimited condoms,

builds raft out of limitless condoms



#21 - sacchito (11/27/2011) [+] (1 reply)
(9) loli. bring up into future awesome spouse. (total:9)
(4) hatchet. I'm an Eagle Scout, that thing is a god send. (total:13)
(free) football. because it can be used to play a few games and it's useable in hunting (distraction). (total:13)
(3) no snakes or spiders. Seriously, f*** that, preferably with something on fire and pointy. (total:16)
(6) med kit. I'm an Eagle Scout, not some video game healer rip off. Gonna need that since s*** always happens, especially over 20 years. (total:24)
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