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#5 - desmondaltairezio
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(11/27/2011) [-]
here is a large list of them. the funniest are in caps
12 monkeys, all that jazz, apocalypse now, big night, blazing saddles, blue velvet, THE BREAKFAST CLUB, bringing out the dead, breaking the waves, CHARIOTS OF FIRE chocolat, the color purple, COOL RUNNINGS, CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON, DEEP IMPACT, end of days, the giant of thunder mountain, THE GREEN MILE, hope floats, the hurricane, the insider, legends of the fall, LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE, local hero, MIDNIGHT RUN, THE MUSIC MAN, the nutty professor, ONE FLEW OVER THE COCKATOOS NEST, rainman, ROPE, soul food, THE STAND, the storm of the century, sunshine, the tall T, THE THIN RED LINE, VERTICAL LIMIT
hope at least one made you laugh