Ultimate Omegle Troll. fantastic indians.. You' re new chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You: Stranger: hey Stranger: asl You" 24 f USA You: you? Strange hooker killing is theft
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Ultimate Omegle Troll

Ultimate Omegle Troll. fantastic indians.. You' re new chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! You: Stranger: hey Stranger: asl You" 24 f USA You: you? Strange

fantastic indians.

You' re new chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey
Stranger: asl
You" 24 f USA
You: you?
Stranger: 24 male india
Stranger: nice meeting you
You: how are you?
Stranger: How are you?
Stranger: good
You: never been better i)
Stranger: what are you doing.?
You: gonna hit the pipe real quick ifyou know what i mean i)
You: give me just a sec
Stranger: R u married?
You‘ better believe not. boyfriend left me a few days ago
You: up and left me
Stranger: ohhoh
Stranger: sorry
Stranger: whats profession?
You: never been asked that before i)
onna just say a student
You. let me guess what you are...
Stranger: ha ha. okely student
Stranger: gues ?
You: you happen to be a college studen?
You: down there in india i)
Stranger: yeah
You: never underestimate my guessing abilities
Stranger: but also working as engineer in computers
You: gonna get a career going?
Stranger: hmmhmm
You: run a big factory i)
Stranger: r u virgin.?
You: around age 18 i lost it.. high school will do that to you
Stranger: now what time is there..?
You: and it kills me about my husband. its 11: 27 PM.
Stranger: here it is 10 AM
You: dessert time here hehe
Stranger: west usa or east usa.?
You: you better believe its in the east. i) nice and chilly here
Stranger: so, not a virgin.?
Stranger: may i know how many times you had sex
Stranger: do u like virgin boys?
You: never met a guy who can smooth talk like you 3.. no not a virgin
You: gonna have to say it doesnt matter to me. ijust like boys in general
Stranger: okay
You‘ make me smile and youre sure to be in luck i)
You: you know, i can be pretty kinky hehe
Stranger: ha ha.. :) no thanks
You‘ cry me a Wer, old boyfriend. why do you say no?
You: never been offered something like this? i)
Stranger: not interested
Stranger: i respect my culture
Yip . onna tell me why?
You: say, what kind of culture is it?
Stranger: be honest to wif
Stranger: dont cross over limits
Stranger: live a successfull life
You: goodbye i) hehe just kidding. i respect that. chat then.
You. never cheat. its terrible
Stranger: okay
You: gonna live a positve life... much respect
Stranger: yes
You: tell me something though...
Stranger: have you ever come to india
You: a guy like you should be a teacher or something.
Stranger: my suggest is to visit india
You: lie in your own truth. i think i really mould visit india... seems very exotic
Stranger: before u gonna die... once visit india..
You: and see the sights?
Stranger: yes
You: hurt is somethin easily solved by the natural beauty of the world i)
Stranger: hamm. r u on facebook 7
You: you know, i dont have one.
without me
You: weve been chatting for awhile i)
Stranger: okay
Stranger: if u have an m account we can hook up daily
You: known circumstances tell me i should..
Stranger: okay
You: each time i try to make one though, itsjust hard to set up.
Stranger: ha ha :)
ther sites work for me
or the time being, that is,
o ill have to get some kind help.
Stranger: may i know about culture.?
You: long time i have waited haha
know, this place is actually pretty nice. its easy to get to
You. know people around here.
Stranger: what about tradition
You: the little community town i live in is very quaint and pleasant.
You. rules are abundant though. what do you mean by traditions? like fairs?
You: and celebrations?
Stranger: how about girls and boys.?
You‘ so the girls and boys here are brought up equally in the school system.. they have a lot to
You: do and a lotto study.
Stranger: okay..
You: I dont know how its changed since i was younger
Stranger: is that easy to seduce a girl
You: a parent that i am should know these things i)
em easy most of the time...
You. commitment is a real problem.
Stranger: many people tell that they lost there virginity in school age only
You: is it like that there?
Stranger: naoo
hats it like about sex there?
m not sure ifi quite understand yet
Stranger: here sex is done after marriage
You: thinking its really religious?
Stranger: how did u loose virginity
You: of course. its popular here to believe that sex SHOULD be saved for marriage... but never
Stranger: what makes you to think like that.?
You‘ should come here and see what its like lets see my virginity...
Yo ouldnt have given it up for the world.
You: get me drunk and slip me some rooms, and there goes my virginity
Stranger: how did the guy seduced you
You: his town is so much better.. he didnt really. it was at a party, and did it when i was semi-
Stranger: ohh
Stranger: you‘
You: from the party to his house...
other guy would have tried talking to me first, but yeah he cheated me
You. other guys are nicer though..
You: guy problems is something i never understood
Stranger: how many times you had sex
You: a good number... but only wwith 2 guys
Stranger: what kind of dresses you like to wear..
You: hey i have a question, its pretty off topic
Stranger: whats that question ask me
You: do you know the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley?
Stranger: yaah.. i head that
You: do you know how the lyrics go?
Stranger: actually naoo
You: hamm
Stranger: but i will search for it
Stranger: what kind of dresses you like to wear..
You: first, the song i)
Yo ad the first word of everything i said in our conversation
Stranger: but why
You: trust me
You: its important
Stranger: its gonna make a big sentence
Stranger: wow nice rick roll
Yo ism I don' t usually wear dresses because an 18 year old dude...
You: but red cocktail dresses are my favorite
i', omegle Talk to strangers'.
Yours now chatting with a random stranger. Say MI
You: hi
Stranger: hey
should consider getting one soon. the world is moving on
TVV shit he cheated
Stranger: asl
You: 24 r USA
Stranger: 24 male India
Stranger: nice meeting you
You: you tee
You: how are you'?
Stranger: How are you'?
Stranger: rm good
You: never been better ,
Stranger: what are you doing ,
You: gonna hit the pipe real quick if you know what I mean ,
You: give me just a sec
Stranger: R n married?
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(11/24/2011) [-]
it wasnt bad, but the posts you did just didnt flow. it was like talking to a blonde girl with downsydrome. not bad though.