Conspiracy Keanu Comp. bumpin. Check the tags.
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Conspiracy Keanu Comp

***** bumpin. Check the tags

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Submitted: 11/19/2011
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#413 - malizlewa **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#409 - edvf (11/20/2011) [-]
That guy looks like this

User avatar #408 - allamericandude (11/20/2011) [-]
This actually came up in discussion during my Philosophy class. We were talking about Descarte's distinction between mind and body.

The question was: If you walked into a room, and your best friend was sitting there, and they looked you dead in the eye and said "I believe all of this is a dream. You are not real", what could you say to them to prove them wrong? How do we know that we're not actually in some highly-detailed, incredibly accurate dream? And if we can't tell the difference between dreams and reality, why should we trust our own senses? Why are we afraid to jump off of a building or stand in front of a car when it is very possible that it is all just made up by our mind?

(And before you give me the "feeling pain" argument, just know that you CAN in fact feel pain in dreams.)
#407 - mtbmoosey (11/20/2011) [-]
**mtbmoosey rolled a random image** MFW i think something dumb
#405 - nitz (11/20/2011) [-]
haha great job though
User avatar #404 - NorthAmerica (11/20/2011) [-]
What if being around old people

ages the young?
#403 - anonymous (11/20/2011) [-]
what if hell is the same as life just a little bit worse and when you die you pick up where you left off and you don't remember dying. maybe thats why your life is getting worse and worse slowly
#402 - anonymous (11/20/2011) [-]
"upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart" <--how the universe was created
#399 - anonymous (11/20/2011) [-]
if the third one is correct then my life is totally awesome. i get laid in every dream
User avatar #396 - minster (11/20/2011) [-]
Look out! there's a Richard Simmons in your keyboard! He's betwen I and [
#397 to #396 - elitepwnagenoob (11/20/2011) [-]
**elitepwnagenoob rolled a random image**
Between y and i you mean? Lol, Fail. thumb still.
#400 to #397 - anonymous (11/20/2011) [-]
no "op is between i and [
User avatar #401 to #400 - elitepwnagenoob (11/20/2011) [-]
ah. i figured a Richard Simmonsgot was between y and i, so it would be u. haha, whatev i guess.
#395 - BananaOrgy (11/20/2011) [-]
**BananaOrgy rolled a random image** mfw i think about these things at night
#389 - megapepsifreak (11/20/2011) [-]
**megapepsifreak rolled a random image**
#386 - wtfmoments (11/20/2011) [-]
#398 to #386 - catsniffer (11/20/2011) [-]
**catsniffer rolled a random image** &quot;WHO WAS PHONE&quot;, NOT &quot;...THE PHONE&quot;
**catsniffer rolled a random image** "WHO WAS PHONE", NOT "...THE PHONE"
#384 - dragongod (11/20/2011) [-]
**dragongod rolled a random image** my conspiracy theory about how the universe was created
#383 - izimbra **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#392 to #383 - anonymous (11/20/2011) [-]
#382 - anonymous (11/20/2011) [-]
**anonymous rolled a random image** put this in a conspiracy keanu pic
#380 - anonymous (11/20/2011) [-]
It doesn't take much to be a meme anymore. All you need is a picture and a basic concept of humanity
#378 - anonymous (11/20/2011) [-]
**anonymous rolled a random image**
#368 - rockingroy has deleted their comment [-]
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