If I were a Playboy. Originally intended to be "If Funnyjunk were a real palce", but a lot of people seem to be doing that, so here's what I w if i were a play

If I were a Playboy

Originally intended to be "If Funnyjunk were a real palce", but a lot of people seem to be doing that, so here's what I would do with unlimited wealth and power.If you ilke it, shove a green thumb right up someone's ass.

often timestop question is asked; how vi is too rich? We adorn the world' seele isand shower
thesmith move money; so thousan have a to wash down their money salads. But how
much is too much? is true; will smith has several unexplored frog I gon his
property, and Oprah a small cache of orphans just below her quarters to wash her
dresser's trig as Plummet dust covers, some say people have too much money. What would I do with
unlimited modest.
one or the many animals l will have under my control
one ofthe . ll have control.
in were a playboy, I would we .n a mansion, styled as a the outside but
like a palace on the Inside. notasty be mandatory, but offered atthe
door. hats, and be optional, .
Inside, people. stand about. n
Occasionally, I would shout "" and itwould all the sky
andthen sweeping
them all up smashtray as Jive Inside
space metal, . The be
endangered animals; s. and Satan a bed of bald eagle down, w.
theworld' ontop. ;
lick our arwe eat.
we would dine on histor/ s
be made of
and platinum, and
and emeralds.
An alien fetus l will have ten desde there who only one
would bethe length ; because Itwould be several
footballrules; all theworld' . ums, and sewn
make mylano. bethe tiger
and I mate. I would call it a Siberian patrol mylano
and keep . Also, sharks. matrelith my palace,
make massive pollenate the would .
on look like unicorn.
killing them almost Instantley am unsure howto d. sabbath. s
Deep mule mansion/ castle/ be mrpressure chamber, where I keep all my
treasures, such afterworld' santy alien tetas, walt Maney' scrotem brain, and other collectable knick-
knacks. homeworld haven: be , but. have no Idea howto top bee
sharknado dinosaur skeletonwitch . son stomachs.
They will look much more lively when snuffed wth meat and poison dart frogs
be the skull of a famouspork; as. detram .
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I would pea on everything
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