Crying Cyrus. I know this is old news, but nothing made me laugh more than this sentence when I read it. And I was like "Ha bitch, you deserve it!& Miley Cyrus stop Crying bitch You deserve it

Crying Cyrus

I know this is old news, but nothing made me laugh more than this sentence when I read it. And I was like "Ha bitch, you deserve it!" Click on it so you'll get a bigger picture! And I'll be a thumbs whore right now, cause I'll say this: "Thumbs up if you like it!"

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Nyadja Pomona
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Caption‘ Miley Cyrus {Picture} Madame " flew "c
unveiled Miley Cyrus was figure to fans tans started lining up as
early as E am New ‘fork City. USA ....
Cyrus' Stepmom Blasts Pregnancy Miler Cyrus Phnts
CE Email LATEST: MILEY CYRIAS' stepmother has blasted
hurtful internet reports that the teenager is pregnant,
E’ Paint revealing the rumour left the TV star/ singer in tears. A
lil callous hacker reworked magazine article online
G: Buzz to suggest Cyrus was with child. Fla even Honored her
4 quotes to make it look like she was apologising to
F Fart fans for letting them down - and she planned to keep
gal on her baby. Cyrus has maintained a bright outlook as
Redd” she addressed the reports, but now admits she was
devastated. She says, "As much as I wanna say it Miley Cyrus Gallery
II Delicious didn' t affect me, it really hurt my feelings-" And her
Mews's stepmum Leticia reveals the fake gossip upset the .
till me entire Cyrus family. She explains,", he screamed and Trip Headlines
at was cking. She was very upset whic ma a me more F
in e . he has a purity ring and we' re really URGES WHEN TC) TAKE CARE OF
We Destinations strong in the belief of Elm until marriage. It was THEIR
really hard for our family." t. offici. als have since F LADY snags FISHING FUSHIGI
condemned the Internet tampering that led to the false
re pot b snaps was BY TEENAGERS BEATS
Cl.) Comment on this story r MCCARTNY no PEN CHEATING annan
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User avatar #5 - RainEDay (03/24/2010) [-]
The purity ring line made me laugh the hardest... Those things are bull.. just look at the movie Teeth... The main character had one and she became a sex fend....
User avatar #2 - Arcticuno (03/24/2010) [+] (2 replies)
Obviously fake since you spelled "apologizing," wrong.
User avatar #1 - ThePollMaster (03/23/2010) [-]
Damn we were busted.
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