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#61 - Bippycon (11/18/2011) [-]
If I ever became a ceo or executive of some huge company, I would never take more than like a 200,000 dollar salary. With a billion people on this planet starving every day, nobody should have that much money. Buying things does not bring real happiness
#83 to #61 - anonymous (11/18/2011) [-]
no you wouldnt...
#76 to #61 - bbxss (11/18/2011) [-]
Money buys a wave runner
User avatar #67 to #61 - adamannater (11/18/2011) [-]
heartilly diasagree. i love money
User avatar #77 to #67 - shootindownsnoopy (11/18/2011) [-]
Unfortunately, it will never love you back.......
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