Skyrim Assassin, You're Doing it Right. That's pretty impressive. Not mine. were tie tum all whit I new andare If mitten: My twin gran Aili are were The TIN all skyrim Assassin zoidberg
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Skyrim Assassin, You're Doing it Right

That's pretty impressive. Not mine

were tie tum all whit
I new andare If
mitten: My twin gran Aili are
were The TIN allele Inf; Rev‘: hen
big with! inf: rum‘ is in it
with‘; 35. in tit traits of
duet e casual day in Skyrim going around pickpocketing people in Windhelm when I TM ' Fbfl ! gm,
find demesne with e ring that improves illusion magic. I didn' t have the level to steal it, '
ed I fallowed the men. I fallowed him to the bar where he drink for 6 hours. He kept _
going en hew both of his daughters were dead. He left the bar, and I fallowed him in ' ha; an _ um}
home and pickpocketed him before he got in the deer, taking his key. F" %., “ta” TI
I waited en hour and snuck into his house. I found his ..whet’? .
A note lay next to her, she had killed herself. I then killed the husband in his sleep
and made it leek like e suicide..} even dropped e dagger in his hend.. ged damn !
assassin wee e great choice. b" aall . _
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User avatar #4 - necrosisbrand (11/16/2011) [-]
I had feels for the game bro... but that was a sick assassination.
User avatar #3 - hammythehamster (11/16/2011) [-]
I read the note first and got feels. Then I read the text and now they are gone.
User avatar #2 - cossackwhoop (11/16/2011) [-]
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