the most awesome story i ever heard. thumb either way ... i don't care .. i just needed to share this with you. An did Hanan gentleman Wed %' it. -"J. G' New Je
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the most awesome story i ever heard

thumb either way ... i don't care .. i just needed to share this with you

An did Hanan gentleman Wed %' it. -"J. G' New Jersey. He wanted It) giant his
annual ira' ,'. W, gs idioit but it was ‘very . as the grde rm was
hard. His camy sdn. Vincent, whd used ts held him. was G' prism. The did
man wrdos a fetter IE! his sdn and described his predicament:
Dear Vincent i am testing pretty sad decades meet-: s this i ddn' t. atria m
giant my i. re, h" h' W" d,. garden this year. i in just getting me did m be digging up a
garden pic: i knew Hyde were here my trendies WHEN RT'. dyer. '
rre, Wm he happy , dig the pier fer me. M?.', in the did days. Lei-‘ e. Page
A few days tater he a fetter fram his sch.
User Page Den? dig up that garden. That’ s where the Eddies are Rmr-.
i. dire. Vinnie
in y, .. Terf" The new ! FBI agents and tactics armed and dug up
the entire area without ' any eddies. They ts the did men
and an That same day the did man received andthey fram his sdn.
User Page Cor. ahead and giant the !' ,. Tie, r, -.Til. new That' s the truest! mute‘
dd under the circumstances. Lelia mu. Vinnie
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Submitted: 11/10/2011
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User avatar #3 - vermillionbobcat (11/10/2011) [+] (6 replies)
If anyone thought "TL;DR" here's the story.

Old man gets caught mid-fap by his wife.
Forced to go outside and finish.
Ejaculates in garden.
Jesus was born.
#16 - reggaered (11/11/2011) [-]
**reggaered rolled a random image** repost
#18 - robertito (11/11/2011) [-]
**robertito rolled a random image** Repost. But it gives me feels everytime.
#12 - oldredeyes (11/11/2011) [-]
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User avatar #1 - thegamesnitch (11/10/2011) [-]
Repost, So I wont thumb, But Its a nice story, So I wont thumb down :)
User avatar #21 - expectation (11/11/2011) [-]
Wasn't this on the front page just.. 2 weeks ago?
#13 - bitchimflawless (11/11/2011) [-]
that post gave me a feel (gif semi related)
that post gave me a feel (gif semi related)
#23 - detenator (11/11/2011) [-]
Nice Repostin there bro..
#22 - momoerz (11/11/2011) [-]
i thumbed wen this was on the front page..... two weeks ago
#15 - irolledpony (11/11/2011) [-]
#14 - matthewfjr **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#20 - billykinhogan ONLINE (11/11/2011) [-]
**billykinhogan rolled a random image** EPIC WIN
#19 - jardie has deleted their comment [-]
#11 - meloncube (11/11/2011) [-]
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#2 - hunman (11/10/2011) [-]
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FBI agents you ssssssssssay?
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