My Mom and Technology. My mom is the least technology savy person I know. She always shops at Best Buy because they don't make her feel so "inept". Tr
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My Mom and Technology

My mom is the least technology savy person I know.
She always shops at Best Buy because they don't make her feel so "inept".
True story she called and told me about a few weeks ago.

After years of using an old
flip phone for her cell phone,
my mom finally decided to get
a smartphone.
Knowing absolutely nothing
about phone technology, she got
help from a sales associate.
She went home, started
downloading apps and playing
with it. she was very pleased.
She explained to the sales
associate how when she bought
the phone yesterday they set up
a sunny background, and how now
it is all grey and cloudy and
Thanks Best Buy for taking such
great care of my technologically
challenged mother!
She made her way to Best Buy
and started looking at all the
phones they offered.
They picked out an Android
phone, activated it and the
associate helped her set it up
and customize it.
When she woke up the next
morning, the background on her
phone that was bright and
sunny, was now grey and cloudy.
Thinking she
messed something
up, she returned
to Best Buy.
While keeping a straight face,
the associate asked her what
the weather was like yesterday.
He then asked her what it was
like today. He then explained a
weather .idget to her.

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User avatar #2 - servisman (11/11/2011) [-]
my local best buy tends to enjoy making their customers bend over and then they proceed to stick it in the customers pooper.

[ in the instance of my "free" windows 7 upgrade]

me: i was told to come back for my free upgrade. can i have it.

BB: yeah but there is a $35 installation fee and if yo u want to keep your documents it will cost another $30

me: i was told i would just receive a disk

BB: yeah we ran out but you can buy one for $130 if you want.

me: why cant i get a free one its a free upgrade?

you can but we have to call microsoft for it and that could take 2 weeks

me: alright i will see you in 2 weeks then

{2 weeks later}

me: alright i'm back for my disc

BB: microsoft was out so you either have to buy a copy for $130 and let us install it for $70 or you can call (some ******** number that doesnt work)

i never got my upgrade because the price of "free" depended on whose ass they decided to pull it out of on any given day.
User avatar #1 - rdycsci (11/10/2011) [-]
Thanks for all the thumbs guys. This is actually only my second upload, and first OC rage comic.
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