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#2 - anon
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(11/09/2011) [-]
I don't know how clever you feel for this OP, but it's just a ****** expressed equation.

Its like this:

I helped my uncle, Jack, off a horse. (This is perfectly acceptable.)
I helped my uncle jack off a horse. (Might mean something else.)

Now.. BAM these commas are brackets in that **** equation. Brackets either side of the (1+1+...+1)x0? or maybe the ...(1x0)? You can't answer it, so if you are thinking you out-smarted all those thousands of people, you are wrong. You are part of them.

You are the 99%.
#3 to #2 - mdmurphy [OP]
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(11/09/2011) [-]
Actually, I've seen it before. On FJ, actually. It was just extra funny to me because it was duck-face that did it.