THREW IT ON THE GROUND! (Worth the read). I felt the sudden urge to troll... if FunnyJunk likes this post (I "throw things on the ground" frequently i threw it on the  snl adam samberg

THREW IT ON THE GROUND! (Worth the read)

I felt the sudden urge to troll... if FunnyJunk likes this post (I "throw things on the ground" frequently in fast food places, etc.) I will post videos of myself doing so. I love you all.

Q omegle Talk to strangers'.
You' re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hil
Stranger: hiya
You: hey asl?
Stranger: 19
Stranger: m
You: 18 f us
Stranger: cool
Stranger: ;p
You: mhmhm
You: anything u wanna do or talk about?
Stranger: maybe ;p depends on how your feelin atm?
You: havent been with a guy in a while. little horny
Stranger: aaww how come? and same a lil horray to 3
You: small town, not much to choose from, dont want a serious relationship righ
Stranger: fair enough then " you wana talk dirty then/
Stranger: 3
You: 3
Stranger: sweet "
Stranger: what you waering atm then hun?
You: red thong. no top 3 hbu??
Stranger: sexy girl 3 lust in my boxers ;p
You: what do u look like?
Stranger: fft 10 black hair brown eyes "
Stranger: you?
You: fft T brunette, green eyes, c boobs, slender build
Stranger: sexy 3 bet you look amazing ;p
You: hmmhmm. lets cyber
Stranger: wish i could but my webcams bust :1
Stranger: sorry
You: we can do it without a cam
Stranger: ;D cool
Stranger: ide like that very much ;p
You: we' re in my room, i have you in a chair while i do a strip tease to get ready
Stranger: hmmhmm sexy carry on baby
Stranger: ;
Stranger: 3
You: i dance to the rythm of a slow song
You: i take off my shirt as you look on in excitement
You: i put your hand on my Breast
You: do u like that?
You: 3
Stranger: oh yeh baby 3
Stranger: your amazing ;p
Stranger: wish i did have Mam lol
You: uturn around and bend over in front of you
You: no touching 3
Stranger: oh please
You: soon 3 i lay back on the bed. hand me my vibrator 3
Stranger: oh baby i wana **** you so hard ;p
Stranger: please?
You: i need to get myself a little wet First 3
Stranger: mmfmm then
Stranger: 3
You: its on the dresser behind you. hand it to me 3
Stranger: i give you the vibrator 3
You: itake it...
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
t now anyway
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User avatar #1 - hebemily (11/08/2011) [+] (1 reply)
this made me chuckle :'---) i'm glad it was worth the read!

here, have a thumb
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