YouTube Logic. I came across this asshole picking on someone over YouTube a couple days ago and this is our argument. This was on "Hate My Life" by Th facepalm
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YouTube Logic

I came across this asshole picking on someone over YouTube a couple days ago and this is our argument. This was on "Hate My Life" by Theory Of A Deadman.
I'm the one with the username TazpyTech.

Tags: facepalm
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I decidedly listen to this song mu: once i get my report card going to hate my
life going to get a stupid speech get everything I love took' in away from
me iwont beable to see my friends and going to be take homework
club and after school program CUE one my grades come out everyone yells at me
for getting a c on something especally my Damn I Hate My Life
week ago
then do *********** work dumb ass, **** no one cares
because those are not real problems and if anyone thinks they are they are
dumb as **** . and its own ******* falt this song is about things u dont have
control over so **** off prick.
IE days ago
Wow dude, calm down. "r' ' re making yourselfkill stupid
arguing overhue internet and cussing your heart out like that. What ifhe cant
control it at all? The same thing is happening to me right now, I' m piled down
with homework night after night to the point where I' m having to stay up until
T. to get finnished. That combined with a sleep problem I already had is
causing me to fail. So dont make yourselfkill stupid arguing with someone
unless you really know them.
To (5 days ago in playlist To ' s favorites
ii! No because no its *********** fault. You probably
dont have a sleeping problem . and it undertakes till one to
do work iv been there never had to do it. Iwas smart enough to get it done and
have time to do **** . So ya ofyour going to call me stupidfox arguing dont do it
yourselfkill tam. and when people complain about **** thats not even that bad
and is theirself its ignorant and dumb.
ea who kejko 2 days ago
Where' s your proofread I dont have a sleeping problem and
that I' m " *********** lazy”? What about you claiming to be me,
where' s you ? I find it really hard to believe that you' re
me when you cant even use punctuation and speelling right. I like to practice
love intollerance for all, but you' re really jetting's the edge of my patience. It' s
scum like you that make people believe that the internet is a horrible place.
1 hour ago
Tar_ preech thank god i thought i was doing this for nothing its nice to hear my
work's being noticed
1 hour ago
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Submitted: 11/07/2011
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