Public Service Announcement On Fapping.. Fapping for a cause. I can see it now. We would be on the Today Show. Saving children...saving the hungry...all by fapp
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Public Service Announcement On Fapping.

Fapping for a cause. I can see it now. We would be on the Today Show.

Saving children...saving the hungry...all by fapping.

Seriously this could be a fun way to do something good. We can nominate somebody to organize this or I can if nobody really wants to do it.

Comment, Thumb and even message me if you want to help.

- jaydi

Hey guys, Ijust had an idea. A lot of people
are into Giving up touching
yourself isn' t bad, but what if there was a way
that the more we make sweet love to ourselves,
the more we are improving the world? Right
now the only thing that is happening is the stock
of kleenex is going down. What if we pick a
month and every time we Fap or Schlick one
out we put $. 25 or . 00 in a jar? It could be
whatever you wanted to pledge. Then at the
end of the month we will donate it however
the group decides to. We could each donate
to seperate charities and record the total or donate
the whole thing to one cause. As a huge group
here we could probably end world hunger with
the amount of fapping we do.
Thumbs would obviously help but what
I' m really looking for is comments/ support or
ideas to really blow this up. I can organize
it or we can nominate somebody else to.
Doesn' t matter to me.
Below is a comic that is rebated... enjoy...:)
Kilt, gimme game love .
mla new invention,
enouth you spend the money
if “WW TO obtain a
C,". relatioship. .
maybe the it to Alright we I T
I t] gnu can
ft',?,',?, or sometime, potent that.,. let me. just 90
need got: to than thi-.
Thumb up and/ or comment if you are in! Thanks. - Jayda
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Submitted: 11/06/2011
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User avatar #1 - trimdos **User deleted account** (11/06/2011) [-]
Alternatively, you could spend the money on yourself and bottle your bi product and donate it to Africa or wherever as a protein shake and end world hunger that way.
User avatar #3 - drnicetouch (11/06/2011) [-]
Well see the problem is I don't have 50$ a day.....
#2 - russianapathy (11/06/2011) [-]
I like this idea. Although, I don't see it gaining popularity on FunnyJunk.
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