Life Hacks Part 4. PART 6 IS HERE: /funny_pictures/2834044/Life+Hacks+Part+6/ PART 5: /funny_pictures/2831327/Life+Hacks+Part+5/ PART 1:/funny_pictures/2826830/ Life hacks FUNNYJUNK
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Life Hacks Part 4

Life Hacks Part 4. PART 6 IS HERE: /funny_pictures/2834044/Life+Hacks+Part+6/ PART 5: /funny_pictures/2831327/Life+Hacks+Part+5/ PART 1:/funny_pictures/2826830/

PART 6 IS HERE: /funny_pictures/2834044/Life+Hacks+Part+6/
PART 5: /funny_pictures/2831327/Life+Hacks+Part+5/
PART 1:/funny_pictures/2826830/Life+Hacks+Part+1/
PART 2: /funny_pictures/2826967/Life+Hacks+Part+2/
PART 3: /funny_pictures/2827049/Life+Hacks+Part+3/

This is a series of tips and tricks that I have found on the internet, and want to share with the FunnyJunk community.
These are not supposed to be funny, But informational, and assist you in everyday life.

Life Hacks
Part 4 - Make Life Easy
l. You are NOT a philosopher.
2. r someone offers you to use a public toilet before
them, DO IT, it means he' s gonna drop a bombshell in
3. Don' t pay for every girl you go out with, that' sjust stupid.
4. Accept who you are, you aren' t changing soon.
5. Even if she looks 18, she
might not be.
6. Girls don' t like guys who
BAAWW alot, or try to get
My. Be happy.
Phalli l as ,
you BRIEF for money
8. Your highschool
marks don' t mean shit in
later life, have fun.
9. High Schoolyards ARE
the BEST in your life, again,
don' t stress through them.
1 Do NOT mp into underwear and leave
them around, your mother can tell.
1 1 " Do not add "friends of friends" on facebook that
you haven' t spoken to before. Shit' sjust creepy.
12. Just because a girl is talking to you,
doesn' t mean she wants your dick in her
13. Just because she says she is on the pill and is
disease free, still do a condom, bitches can
14. Just because someone spends alot of
time on their computer until aam in the morning,
doesn' t mean they are constantly masturbating.
15. r you browse ychan, NEVER let
anyone near your computer. At all.
People have a habit of finding
the worst things that you didn' t know
were there.
16. Sometimes, two wrongs DD make a right, you
gotta stand up for yourself and not let yourself be
walked otter.
17. Just because you can afford it, don' t buy fast
food all the time, actually learn to cook at a young
1 Wikipedia is NOT a good source to
reference, get the reference links from the bottom
of Wiki.
1 9. Penis size rarely matters, most are
4" -- in, if you can reach that, you' re fine.
20. Just because you didn' t get into your desired
course, there are ALWAYS bridging courses that
allow you to get in.
Than ks again, making
more if you guys find
them interesting.
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#1 - sorom
Reply +105 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
I like the content! Keep them up!
User avatar #2 to #1 - nunwithagun [OP]
Reply +22 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
Thank you so much for your support, it's people like you that make this planet easier to live on.
User avatar #3 to #2 - sorom
Reply +9 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
No problem, I really do enjoy the content and I thought I would voice my opinion.
User avatar #36 to #3 - smatches
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
thumbed you for the nostialgic lol's, thumbed OP for the epic tips. Keep it up.
#169 to #2 - kvent **User deleted account**
+1 123456789123345869
has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #84 - Ruspanic
Reply +88 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
#8. "Your highschool grades don't mean **** in later life, have fun."

I think I'll pass on this one, I kind of want to have things when I get older.
#201 - grawly
Reply +74 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
Most of these so-called "Life Hacks" are retarded cliches that have no relevance to the real world.
User avatar #211 to #201 - mctophat
Reply -1 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
At least they should be called "ways to not suck at living"
User avatar #206 to #201 - ednakrababbal
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
agreed. i don't want to insult op but all life hacks so far sound like a 12-year old wrote them. i still spared a thumb for the effort though ^^
User avatar #230 - supamonkey
Reply +29 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
Size doesn't matter, it's how you use it.

A small caliber bullet to the head will kill you just as much as a .50 cal sniper round
#233 to #230 - heyangelyoudasexy **User deleted account**
+60 123456789123345869
has deleted their comment [-]
#245 to #233 - anon
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
I just took that perk to!!! :D
#67 - fignewtonz
Reply +43 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
#80 to #67 - spazzin
Reply +5 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
He's the reason i started my own math group
User avatar #270 to #80 - swiiftninja
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
The Mathemagicians?!?!
#375 - muute
Reply +38 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
Bitch please, these are the worst years of people's lives. A very large amount of the people there are just judgemental douchebags and whores. University is much closer to having the title of "Best years of our lives", because at least people have matured a bit there.
#381 to #375 - basicargentinian
Reply -11 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
I guess you get bullied a lot, I got bullied throughout midleschool, then the guy who bullied me the most got out of school, I got big (and PHAT, but **** you) and I started laughing about myself, people didn't bother me anymore, I haz lots of friends and I fail most of my subjects, but honestly who gives a ****. If you face highschool with the best attitude it can be the best time of your life.

I know it sounds douchy, but stop being a little bitch.

User avatar #384 to #381 - muute
Reply +9 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
Whether I was bullied or not is irrelevant. The majority of people in high school are completely unlikeable people. University/College is simply a much better place to be.
Also, I hope you have a nice life, failing most of your subjects.
User avatar #385 to #384 - basicargentinian
Reply -10 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
I don't fail Chemistry nor Bio, I get straight A's (or whatever, 10's in argentina) which is what i need 2 be a doctor, i wont be having much fun during medicine, i'll be studying, so i get all the stupid and lazy in highschool and what not.

I respect you for not liking highschool althought, probably it's diferenet in the US, here we are all meat eating nice people.
User avatar #389 to #385 - muute
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
Oh, I didn't realize you were from Argentina (didn't see the username). I assumed we were coming from the same background, for whatever reason. I'm from Canada, though I think it may be more specific to individual schools rather than geological region. Either way, I still think post-secondary will be much better than high school, because people will likely be more open and secure.
#615 to #389 - darkfuzion
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
**darkfuzion rolled a random image**
*eh Sorry, I had to xD
#611 to #389 - darkfuzion
0 123456789123345869
has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #391 to #389 - basicargentinian
Reply -5 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
I hope they are, have fun in college, I'll be working my ass off.
#413 to #381 - anon
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
your opinion ended up being taken better than expected. :)
#473 to #375 - xxdremisterxx
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
Agreed. High School sucks balls compared to college or some post high school instituition. The amount of freedom is laughably different and there seems to be less cliches, drama, and just bad tempered and overall trash character people. I guess its because all those dumb ***** dont graduate and dont even plan on going to college is what makes college so awesome. Tolerance and maturity and understanding may be stretched at times in College, but overall its levels way exceed high school when people are still wondering "OH who's kyle dating or some other nonrelevant crap" and in college people just care about having fun and enjoying themselves.

Tl:Dr- College rules, High School Drools. xD

#633 - herpderpharvey
Reply +35 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
High school? Best years of my life? HA! What a ******* joke!

Life. Gets. Better. Don't be tricked into believing that the best years of your life are your teens. If that's true, what the hell is the point in living? I had an extremely ****** time in high school... If those were the best years of my life I'd have given up by now.
#638 to #633 - swarfega
Reply +11 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
**swarfega rolled a random image** I concur.
#520 - thediz
Reply +29 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
**thediz rolled a random image** #19
#523 to #520 - counterannon
Reply +7 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
#544 - tooshudoods
Reply +27 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]
**tooshudoods rolls 55**
#553 to #544 - phierophiero
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(11/04/2011) [-]