I've made a huge mistake comp. Top 40 Thanks! Sorry one is not I've made a huge mistake.... I've made a huge mistake. I' been holding in this one allele day, bu
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I've made a huge mistake comp

Top 40 Thanks! Sorry one is not I've made a huge mistake.... I've made a huge mistake

I' been holding in this one
allele day, but hew will i let it
aut without anyone hearing it?"
sol clealy get in e
that petition : yciy
ewe it is silent*
it: eames aut and it is silent* . . .
Rhat is that feeling an my
Look at: Enderman
Sitting in library with
eihter "studying"
fen ean' t five depende
without daing aomething
A wild fart appears!
He studying like a bess when suddenly...
if) Actually i don' t
Lets massive fart out:
He in my fourth grade class
I sit nest e really
pretty girl I have a crush en
Reelly nerve's
it) ‘Hey derpina hew are yen?“ (y:)
Hey derpl I' m doing _J
He talk the whale day and I
eventually get her number
I' m home on the weekend tse on the phone
and wanting ttell Ci) () when sur: idealy..
eventually *Eer dad anywere
man up end eall
Hhe is thie!?'
instantly go I' madea
blank and hang up huge minime
Hopefully when I pest it won' t
huge mistake,
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Submitted: 11/03/2011
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#6 - fidak (11/04/2011) [+] (3 replies)
im a cook
#7 - sparkieemae (11/04/2011) [-]
Good post OP
#5 - mctophat (11/04/2011) [+] (1 reply)
MFW not all the comics end up in a huge mistake
#3 - winsauceiswin (11/04/2011) [-]
**winsauceiswin rolled a random image**
#4 - danjoyas (11/04/2011) [-]
**danjoyas rolled a random image**
#15 - whybot **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #22 - lateralcockdamage (11/27/2011) [-]
one time i got a bass to suck my dick
#17 - lateralcockdamage (11/04/2011) [+] (1 reply)
**lateralcockdamage rolled a random image** clen is my best friend ayayay
#9 - unicornasscrack (11/04/2011) [-]
**unicornasscrack rolled a random image**
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#1 - fineillstoplurking (11/03/2011) [+] (1 reply)
too stupid; didn't read
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