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#985 - Mackenzieofcourse
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(11/03/2011) [-]
You kind of definitely got the wrong artists in there to represent you point.
Asking Alexandria is wicked.
If you were going for stereotypical "woe is me," you should have gone with Dashboard Confessional or The Spill Canvas. Even though I listen to the polar opposite sounds to both, I enjoy them anyway.

Also Metallica's "Fade to Black" and Led Zeppelin's "That's The Way" is labelled one of the most depressing songs.
#997 to #985 - liveandletdie **User deleted account**
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#994 to #985 - adamtoremember
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(11/03/2011) [-]
For the emo bands....Black Veil Brides *Shudders* and MCR would of fitted in better,
#2519 to #994 - Mackenzieofcourse
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(11/04/2011) [-]
Oh God, I watched BVB play for three minutes before leaving their stage. It was just terrible.
#992 to #985 - Mackenzieofcourse
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(11/03/2011) [-]
is about suicide*
#2579 to #992 - adamtoremember
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(11/05/2011) [-]
I watched them at Download Festival in England, they were tragic