This Is Not the Engine I Was Searching. This Is Not the Engine I Was Searching For. 1. Download and install a program called Cain & Abel 2. Ge to a place with p This is not the
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This Is Not the Engine I Was Searching

This Is Not the Engine I Was Searching For

1. Download and install a program called Cain & Abel
2. Ge to a place with public and a lot unpeople
connected to it
3. Upen Cain
4. Press "Configure" on the top and in the new winder select
the ada er with the t address. Press "Old'
451 unseat»: Mail Panama:
tit Dialup F' ass' werds
FF Edit Heme:
Enterprise hunger
Credential Manager
5. Open the "Sniffer" tab and start the sniffer by clicking the
green card on the top. Ha weep appears click "".
After that, click the blue + and press "" en the window
that will pop up
168. 13 t) preset I
6. Wait a few seconds until the scan is gene and then click the
APR tab en the bottom". Click "APR" en the left side, click
anywhere in the upper the space (as in the picture) and then
click the blue +
ith an sense} MAC,
AP centre
In an
I A new window will pop up the the left side select any user
and en the right side select the renter (usually 192. 168. LI er
192, 168, . 1) and click "", Repeat for all riser cemented
on the network
Hheheh: etude: '
IE in APR turst_ _ isla_,
B. On the left side select "" and click the blue button
File View Steels Help
an nan_
tr APR ', saposed
ital !
3 Ancienter
aiit reiterate}
Jil Assbasket!
it A new window will pep 1112:. In the tap textbox type any website
that is commonly used. Ex: googledym, Click the "Resolve"
button and in the new window type "''
or anything like that). Click OK, Click OK.
4 in
IO. Click the yellow - white hence to swat the trolling,
Anyone that will wish googledym (or the url yen typed in
before) will be redirected to lemonparty. org
Fall back and enjoy the facial expressions
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User avatar #1 - fenlichu (11/02/2011) [+] (3 replies)
im doing this at school, but not lemonparty, what site should it direct them to? not too inappropriate, but just enough...
User avatar #4 - hunman (11/03/2011) [-]
Problem airport?
#2 - darkcomy (11/02/2011) [-]
**darkcomy rolled a random image** tl;dr
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