These guys did their homework. Found this picture of the breakdown of all the parts of the cover art in Battlefield 3. Apparently, they had a lot of research in BF Battlefield three Awesome Military videogame Video the game
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These guys did their homework

Found this picture of the breakdown of all the parts of the cover art in Battlefield 3. Apparently, they had a lot of research into the subject.

DEG brings you our tactical breakdown of the latest BFA imagery. While limited to what we
orre BFA Tactical Analysis cansee, ,." zpwh: hand
hope the insight that it b rings will fort h e r e n ha me the a patio n of this title.
Lightweight Helmet
Commonly known as the or Fritz Helmet
Narutos 3 hole shroud
designed to easily mount a night vision goggle to a 2 hole helmet without the need for straps
Revision Eyewear Desert Locust Goggles
Desert warfare eye protection agaen st environment and shrapnel eve damage
Surefire Helmet Light
Compact.. multi Helmet Light features three white LEM. two blue LEM. and one blinking Infrared LED
Traditional desert designed to protect the head and neck from sun and sand
Communication System
Radio led to boom mic with sh to talk system
Cl RAS st - Combat Integrated Releasable Armor System
Vest system with molle attach merit parnts for customization to suit individual or mission needs
Infrared US Flag
Alright ifl reflective flag for firendly recognition with night vision equipment
infrared Strobe
IR and Standard lighting emergency lower
NEDA mo known Drug Allergies)
This is sci the Corps's n/ Meds knows that you are not allergic to any medicines.
High chemical based light - S and min nants
MDDLE Modular Pouches
Various amm UNIFIED (hiu/ Mal and other pout hes [appear to be Eagle andu smash
Holds watch or wrist compass securely, giving operator close access
General Purpose Ta pa
Electrical style tape for various field re pair and general use
Rigger Belt
Nylon Rigger Belt ilf US MC, Calor could determine CDC profi
SSE! Paracord Survival Bracelet
Can be broken down into a single strand of 1. 2115’ high strength cord for multiple use.
OAKLEY SI Assault Gloves
Rugged leather palm med and carbon fiber knuckle plating
Personal Retention Lanyard
Designed to keep you safely attached to a solid object or vehicle and not release until you need it to
MA carbine
Standard Assault Rifle for US ground forces with Piratebay Rail system
EC) Tech soo series
Holographic weapon sight
Double Mag Pouches
Frictional ammunition storage
Vertical Foregrip & Weapon Light
Additional stability do ring sustained fire with tactical light (Appears to be So refere)
Advanced Target Pointer/ Illuminator/ Aiming Light (ATRIAL)
Designed to be used with [or without] night vision devices to engage enemy targets at night
morass or
Knight' s Armament sou reduction device
Frag Grenade Pouch's]
Hold one or more standard Issue fragmentation grenade
Advanced Tactical Knee Pads
Knee protection [appear to be )
Dailey SI Assault Boot
Military 1. -arrant for US military footwear
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